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Seahawks save the Pro Bowl
If the future of the Pro Bowl is doomed, don't blame Russell Wilson and the other five Seahawks who represented the NFC on Sunday in Hawaii.
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  • tlmbrt wrote...
    I'd be
    more concerned that the entire NFL may be doomed. With mounting lawsuits and windbag politicians trying to legislate and dictate "safety", the game may soon be unrecognizable and go the way of pro wrestling or boxing. Listening to Obama speak normally gives me chills (and not in a good way), but his latest comments about football safety worry me. ESPN was acting as though it was gospel from the word of God! He commented a few years ago that we should have a college football playoff, and VOILA! After decades of resistance, we have one.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    As for "safety"......
    ...harder they come, harder they fall these days. Can't disagree with bigger/stronger, but how about more durable? Would it even matter to prolong a career just getting a guy down rather than rearranging his bones?? Would anyone take finesse over raw power? Depends whether you're in the stands or at home. Not in Goodell's office, for sure.
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  • dbhawkfan84 wrote...
    Russell Wilson~
    I only watched the Pro Bowl to See RW3 play! And he did great and made me proud. There was a point when Russell was playing that the camera was on Drew Brees and you could see his mouth say "He's Good" in reference to Wilson! GO HAWKS!
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