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Report: Mariners' Jesus Montero named in records of clinic linked to performance-enhancing drugs
A report from the New York Daily News links Mariners catcher Jesus Montero to the South Florida anti-aging clinic that is under investigation by the MLB for purportedly supplying performance-enhancing drugs to players.
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  • sambra27 wrote...
    Is there a timeline?
    Any information on when Montero may have had ties to Biogenesis, or when ANY of these players had ties? I have to think that any tie he had to this organization had to be when he was injured while playing in the Yankees farm system and not when he was playing for the Mariners.
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  • sambra27 wrote...
    Wow, sorry Brady.
    When I read your article I could have sworn I didn't see any mention of "when", but you do say there is no indication of when Montero might have been involved. My mistake for missing that.
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  • bhenderson wrote...
    No apology necessary. I'm adding to the story, so it's possible it wasn't there when you first read it.
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  • Jamie from Victoria wrote...
    Montero on P.E.Ds ?
    The mind boggles at the thought of Montero on P.E.D.s. Given that at present, Montero runs with all the grace of a three toed sloth, just how monumentally slow and awkward would he be without possible chemical assistance ? The Mariners are going to need Mike Zunino stat !
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  • shane5150 wrote...
    Oh, Jesus!
    Maybe Mike Morse can teach him how to be a little more discreet...
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  • Matt Lattanzi wrote...
    just another...
    brain dead Latin American player who swings at slop and will do something dumb to try to get ahead.
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  • sambra27 wrote...
    I hope...

    That some of you more simple-minded people are never the deciding member of a jury. Open up that New-York times article and look at how vague and potentially misleading it is. The headline of the article serves the purpose of immediately implying that Jesus Montero is guilty, by saying Montero is "...linked to Anthony Bosch AND PED's".

    Here are the problems:

    1) There is no mention in the NYT article of how, when, and in what capacity Montero is linked to Bosch.

    2) The article automatically implies that Montero is linked to PED's, yet we do not know if all the products offered by Biogenesis contain substanced banned by the MLB/NFL etc...

    3) How to we know that the Levinson Bro's didn't order products on behalf of some of the players?

    4) How to we know that Montero even took anything if he received it?

    5) Remember that unless Montero actually tested positive for something, there is no proof that he ingested, inhaled, or injected any "performance enhancing" supplement. If you cannot prove it, there cannot be a suspension for any of the players mentioned in the article. If he bought something, he could have done so for his family, or for his friends. We. Do. Not. Know.

    If people want to make a stink about something, talk about why the MLB suspends players 50 games for smoking weed (Jonathan Singleton) but will only give players a minimal suspension/fine/slap on the wrist for drunk driving? Both are illegal (weed in most states is), aren't they? And I don't think weed is a performace enhancer...

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  • Fuego wrote...
    It's time to change the name of..
    Major League Baseball to Mayor League Wrestling. It has gone from being a sport, to a business and now a juiced up charade.
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  • ToddW wrote...
    Hey Fuego....
    I suppose you don't like the NFL or NBA? Of the three major professional sports leagues in the US, the percentage of players doping in MLB pales in comparison. Baseball has the most strict system of the three. They are all corrupt. Do you really think all of those NFL players are doing it naturally?
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  • Fuego wrote...
    Try reading..
    the article again; it's about MLB. A league that has been a joke when it comes to players getting juice all the while doing it's best to draw families to the parks. Everyone thought Canseco was a blabbering idiot when he made all those claims about players and yet everything he said is true. MLB has an image problem and it's only getting worse.
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  • Idocalex wrote...
    It would be nice... have a quality catcher, someone like that Jaso guy we traded, just in case there is a suspension.
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  • C"mon Man wrote...
    Vanilla Mariners
    Profit sharing in the MLB keeps the bilge pump running on the sinking M's season. At least they paid back their bonds before Lou split and we returned to a pretender staus.
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