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Tearful Felix leaves no doubt about love for Seattle at contract signing
If there were any doubts about how Felix Hernandez feels about Seattle, they were washed away in a wave of tears at an emotional news conference Wednesday at Safeco Field as he signed his new 7- year, $175 million contract.
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  • TwoTrees wrote...
    'Tearful Felix leaves no doubt about love for Seattle at contract signing'
    With THAT contract, Felix can wipe away his tears with Benjamins.
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  • mnpat wrote...
    Years ago a ball player named Kirby Puckett
    Took less then offered from other teams to stay with the that is what I would say is showing the city you love them in return.
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  • Zoeller wrote...
    I would also be "washed away in a wave of tears"
    If I could pitch like Felix and I just signed a $175 million deal. :)
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  • Newton wrote...
    This money belongs to the Tax payers.
    Who built this fine stadium. To house this garbage bag team in support. Mariner fans should protest this outrage.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    Get over yourself. I don't know many trolls worse then you. Yes, Mariners should protest this outrage... m o r o n. What we should protest is the fact mynorthwest hasn't banned you yet from wasting our times with your trolling comments.
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  • dragonmeteor wrote...
    how about everybody gets the money back that we have wasted on you attending school because you obviously have not a single brain cell and will never learn a thing
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  • Idocalex wrote...
    All hail King Felix!!!
    Make no mistake. The King could get this kind of deal or more from a bigger market team that is closer to winning it all. He stayed here without ever becoming bitter about having no run support. He didn't ask for a trade even when many of us would understand why. He loves our city. This also shows me that the M's are committed to building this team...and not putting a cheap product out there like many think. I love this team, no matter what..through the good and apologies.
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  • Dan1 wrote...
    I like how he said it was not about the $
    Ok, for what then? Oh must be for all the ten's of thousand fans that will be filling the seats this year. NOT! I will say it again and again, the M's will be fighting to stay out of the cellar with the Astros be the end of June.
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  • Dan1 wrote...
    By the end of June that is
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  • jeremy0007 wrote...
    All hail the King!
    Look, these guys make an obscene amount of money, that much is clear to all of us in the real world. That said, Felix is a top three pitcher in all of the game, has endured lack of run support and winning baseball, and loves Seattle. He has given this fan base everything he possibly can on the field, and made no public demands on this contract. If anyone deserves this deal, it's Felix. I look forward to watching his entire career here in Seattle! Go M's!
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  • larry gilmore wrote...
    Stop with the negative. who chose to live on the dark side of the moon miss the side of light. Enjoy it that we have a man who chose not to run away from difficulty...rather, remained to compete and chose to overcome the 10 year-ish history and join in to fix it. You naysayers do not want to help. Hmmm...then sign out. You're not fans. You do not have the chutzpa to remain. Anyone can revel in difficulty and mire in it. Winners strive to overcome it.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    well said good sir.
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  • MainEvent wrote...
    Newton is a moron
    Good for Felix! Its about time this team showed it would actually pay our home grown players instead of letting them leave. It's a good day!!
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