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Tearful Felix leaves no doubt about love for Seattle at contract signing
If there were any doubts about how Felix Hernandez feels about Seattle, they were washed away in a wave of tears at an emotional news conference Wednesday at Safeco Field as he signed his new 7- year, $175 million contract.
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  • Zagnut wrote...
    Just listened to his interview.
    It's a great day to be a Mariner fan. One of the rare days in the past decade. I for one choose to be happy. Thanks King!
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  • froggy wrote...
    Don't blame Felix.
    We have only ourselves to blame for these ridiculous athlete salaries. I don't begrudge them their salaries but I do think they are paid ridiculously high ones. If I could get one, I'd do it. The hero worship given to athletes is what has caused their salaries to grow so high. Teams think they have to have big name players, maybe rightfully so, but then those names come with demands for high salaries. Stop making them so popular with hero worship and maybe these salaries will come down. I doubt it, but maybe.
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    At the insecure idiots crying over his salary. This is a baseball story you morons, take your stupid jealous BS to people who actually care. It baffles me how people think they're making an impact by crying on a sports site.
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  • irony wrote...
    this proves his lack of baseball intelligence
    he has no desire to win a world series ring. he may have a wish, but you know the old saying, if wishes and dreams were candies and nuts .... he will waste his entire career here and never see the playoffs again.
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  • dragonmeteor wrote...
    never see the playoffs?
    when we make the playoffs in the next year or two or three, I expect a public apology from you and then you can never comment on this site again. Got enough courage to take my offer? If you don't then we all know you don't have any cojones
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  • Newton wrote...
    Nobody wants your wellfare checks Dragonbreath.
    Also nobody wants your trailer. Or anything in it or that matter. I'm sure your crack pipe is of High Value though. To You!.
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    Newton just accused someone else of being on a crack pipe in the midst of one of his nonsensical posts. Incredible. I've never encountered someone that's so obsessed over something they hate so much. Do you have a life outside of the internet? I'm guessing no..
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  • Zagnut wrote...
    Haters hate.
    And this thread has plenty of evidence.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    It's sad.
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