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Believe it: Wilson is the best QB in Seahawks history
Sure, it's only been one season. But from someone who has seen every quarterback to ever take a snap for the Seahawks, I can say Russell Wilson is already the best in franchise history.
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  • egTman wrote...
    There's a case there...
    I love RW, he had a remarkable first season as the Seahawks signal caller and he will be doing it for years to come. Not ready to name him the best in franchise history though. I expect him to be. I will say he is miles ahead of where the other three guys were when they started as rookies. So if in the next two years he repeats his performance or even comes close and Hawks are in contention for SB, there will be no doubt he is the best in franchise history.
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  • fishnpol wrote...
    I think
    Anyone that's ready to name R.W. the best QB in Seahawks history after one season needs to lay off the drugs. I think you're whole list is majorly flawed. I could go through the whole list one by one and why it's flawed but I don't get paid big bucks for an under rated opinion.
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  • Derrol_o wrote...
    In a way I agree
    Based on QB rating he had the highest in franchise history at 100. No other QB in franchise history broke 100 although Matt H. came close with a 98 rating one season. Moore speaks of the eye test I agree with that. Over the course of a full season, no one's done better than Wilson did this year and he did it as a rookie. Some better stats were posted here and there, like Krieg's 32 TDs in '84 or Matt's 3966 passing yards in '08 but arguably none can top the season Wilson had this year overall. Wilson's decision-making and intangibles to me are already showing signs of being at a level above those of Krieg and Matt's and he was still just a rookie. It's too early to call him the best in franchise history because if his career ended now it just wouldn't hold water. But Wilson's floor seems to be about where Krieg and Matt H.'s ceilings were and Wilson's just going to get better. He's the first QB the Hawks have ever had to have a chance to break into the elite class. Krieg and Matt weren't quite in that class to me, but almost.
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  • qdog112 wrote...
    You could go through the whole list one by one, but ... you don't have a list. The fact is you didn't have one or two, let a lone a "whole list..." None of us get paid big bucks to post, but we do. Since you took the time to post, why not share your wisdom? Could it be because you lack any wisdom on this subject?
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    Wilson is best
    I have to agree with you here Jim. I also believe that Wilson will not have a "sophomore slump", because teams have not only already figured him out-but that they cannot really stop him. It all revolves around his decision making, his poise, and his ability to lengthen the play with his mobility. For those who think the dream will come crashing back to earth, I would remind them that if you have to cover a pass receiver for 5 to 8 seconds, even the very best defenders will get beat and beat often. On that basis, and the presence of an emerging offensive line, the Seahawks will have even a better season next year than 2012-13.
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  • mrwalterisgod wrote...
    This is the same guy...
    ... who was in love with the Mike Leach hiring and then wanted him fired after 10 games. Jim Moore is a bandwagoner, and cannot be taken seriously. Give this more than one season before drawing conclusions.
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  • john_s wrote...
    Jim Moore......
    The Dan McGwire of on-air "talent"
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  • doublej wrote...
    And Kevin Calabro
    is the "Kelly Stouffer". I wish they'd shuck both these guys to the trash heap and get some decent on air talent for their time slot. I'd rather listen to Colin Cowherd than these two.
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  • pullyourheadout wrote...
    Jim Moore you need to research a bit before making statements
    Dave Krieg finished the 1986 season with a five game winning streak in which his QB rating averaged over 126 which most likely was the best in the league during that stretch and the Seahawks went 10-6 and still missed the playoffs. By the time Krieg left Seattle he had the third highest QB rating in NFL history, and still holds the Seahawk single season record of 32 TD passes set in 1984, which broke the standing NFL record for TD passes in a season. Unfortunately the same year Marino threw 48 TD passes to set the record that would stand for 20 years. Dave Krieg did all this ina run dominated league and turned Ground Chuck in the Air Knox. Granted Wilson had the best Seahawk QB rookie season by far no doubt and his potential is that he can be the best Seahawk QB of all time. I Love this kid too. However, if he is going to be rated the best ever QB in Seahawks history he has a ways to go and time will tell, one season doesn't make a career.
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  • hawkdawg88 wrote...
    The Third Highest QB rating in NFL history?
    Dave's last year with the Hawks was in 1991. At that time, his QBR was 82.3. At that time, that rating was 4th in NFL history (behind Len Dawson, Sonny Jurgenson and Roger Staubach). It is now 48th. The year he had a 126 QBR rating over the last 5 games, he also had been benched for poor play for the previous 4 games, in favor of Gale Gilbert. His QBR for that year in total was 91.0. He played in 16 games in one season only three times over his career as a Hawk, from 1980 to 1991. In his first such season (his 5th in the NFL) his rating was 83.3. The guy was a fierce competitor, and a very underrated athlete. But he simply was a very inconsistent QB. Loved him as a fan, but he could drive even the most devoted fan nuts. Would not call him the best in Hawk history. Not sure whether Wilson is yet eligible for that title or not. But I do know that if I had my choice among Matt, Dave or Russell, all as young QBs, around which I would build a franchise, it would not even be close.
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  • neurocell wrote...
    Have to agree with hawkdawg88
    pullyourheadout, you need to follow your own advice. You need to report statistics properly. George Blanda set the NFL passing tds record in 1961 with 36. Y. A. Tittle tied it in '63. Daryle Lamonica had 34 in '69, Dan Fouts had 33 in '81, Tittle also had 33 in '62. 32 tds had been accomplished twice previously: Sonny Jurgensen in '61 and Lynn Dickey in '83. There's no way he "broke the standing NFL record for TD passes in a season". The eighth time something is accomplished isn't setting a new standard. I don't have to repeat what Hawkdawg88 said about the '86 season, but I would like to point out that Jim Moore did say it was the best "eight " game stretch. Kreig did have a great five game stretch, but Moore was correct in stating that it was the best eight game stretch, even though, if you look at the NFL stats, it was a 10 game stretch.
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  • DrShaz wrote...
    but ....
    Good argument but I think one needs to take in account Krieg's weaknesses also ... he was the fumble king of NFL quarterbacks. While his offensive numbers are great and he was a awesome QB, he also gave the other team points via fumbling. A great QB is not only about his offensive numbers ... gotta look what he gave up as well.
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  • ronzilla wrote...
    Yawn, Jim... yawn...
    It took you an entire season to figure it out?

    I knew it before week 1 against Arizona. I CALLED it! 11 wins? Check! RW NFL ROTY consideration? Check! I CALLED it! Before the season even began! Better late than never, pal.

    Operating under the assumption that RW will have a healthy career, he WILL OWN every Seahawks QB record of note before he is done. It is REALLY that simple.

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  • Rangerhawk wrote...
    Your on it like Blue Bonnet Jimbo!
    History has already shown that in the great QB Class of 2011, the winner is Seattle! I think alot of us are still in a state of disbelief at the meaning of our good fortune with this young man. Maybe the best thing of all is, he will always remember "who" gave him a chance when so many others would not. I'll always love the guys who came before him too, but It will be fun to watch him play in his own shadow for years to come at home. GO Hawks!
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  • Newton wrote...
    Seahawks have a history of not much in quarterbacks.
    It would take R/W little to nothing to be the best ever in seahawk history. He's TopGun because. He's TopGun on anybodys Turff. He's really really good. Seahawks are so lucky to land such a BigFish in a sea of many fishes only very few stand out as WoW!!!. Of course it takes a team of good players to make a great Team and He is one of them for sure.
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  • GoDogGo wrote...
    Jim's right on this one.
    There is no sense in deriding Wilson's qualification due to lack of time in the position. We are not baking a cake here! He's had a full season. Why not look at the body of work SO FAR and assume that you can extend out to future years? Another words, assume there won't be a significant sophomore slump, assume he stays healthy and functional, and give him the benefit of the doubt. IT ISN'T CAST IN STONE! It can be revised down. Why are people so fearful of the future performance? Do you think you'll jinx this wonderful ability (don't worry, Jim has already done it). AS IT STANDS, Russell Wilson is the best quarterback the Seahawks have had.
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Russell WIlson
    I would take take Russell Wilson over any QB in the league. Including Aaron Rodgers. The second half of the season Russell Wilson had the best QB rating in the NFL. At the pro bowl Wilson at the best QB rating of any QB at the Pro Bowl. Russell Wilson is six years younger Rodgers. Rodgers also has a record of concussions. Wilson's senior year in College(Which includes bothe RG III and Andrew Luck) had the highest efficiency rating in the nation. Wisconsin lead the nation in the Red Zone. Russell Wilson is a leader. Russell Wilson has instincts you cannot teach.
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