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Seattle's Morse leaves game in 5th inning
Right fielder Michael Morse has left the Seattle Mariners game against the San Diego Padres after sustaining a right quadriceps strain on a play in which he was thrown out trying to score from first base on a double.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    Freaking hilarious journalism...
    Morse was thrown out trying to score, was grimacing while rounding third........ Morse missed three games in April with a small fracture in his right little finger. For the sake of everything sane let's not hope this writer was trying to connect "grimacing as he attemtped to score after getting waved home" with "a small fracture in his right little finger".
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Someone should throw out.....
    ....Daren Brown, for allowing this to happen. Morse is a draft horse around the bases, not a thoroughbred. Bad, bad, and bad.
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