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Griffey says MLB needs to attract young fans
Ken Griffey Jr. says he "was not shocked" when baseball writers decided no player should go into the Hall of Fame this year, although he thinks Craig Biggio got a raw deal.
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  • Newton wrote...
    How this was spun is amazing!.
    Hall of fame for asleep in the dugout guy. You got my vote!. Go Mariners anywhere out of state is Good!.
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    You want the Mariners gone, don't want the NBA back, and you describe Charlie Whitehurst leaving as "one of the darkest moments in Seahawk history". You really are the dumbest fan ever, congratulations.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Its not my fault.
    That I'm so much smarter then anyone else.
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  • Mr Jame wrote...
    Attract all fans not just young
    I want to be a baseball fan. I was a kid when the M's started in 1977. Aside from the 1995 season ending run (which will still hear about every year) and the 2001 season where they won 116 games but still didn't get to the World Series the M's have given me NOTHING to be excited about, not to want to follow. They are usually 10 games back by mid May so going to a game is just a waste money and of a summer night where I could do something else more active than sitting around drinking over-priced beer and watching a bunch of millionaires lose....again. Put a good team together year over year and you will attract fans. I want to be a baseball fan but sadly my local team is so lousy I basically just tune out the entire sport. MLB should fine the M's for being so lousy. The M's or whomever need to drop Shannon Drayer and her "woe is me" Eeyore tone of her voice doing the daily Mariner updates. I always flip channels when she comes on, I'd rather listen to a commercial on another station than listen to her drone on about a team that is going to lose. Good luck, A want to be fan.
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