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Check out the Mariners humorous new commercials
It's like Christmas morning for Mariners' fans as the team Wednesday unveiled its new commercials for the 2013 season.
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  • Rick W7PSK wrote...
    Worst batch yet
    these are the worst batch of Ads since they started doing them, hope it doesn't foretell the season.
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  • hahanson wrote...
    let down
    always expect at least one to jump out... not so much this year. run the larry bernandez commercials for another season.
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  • MarkA wrote...
    I thought they were all funny. Maybe I should try to be harder to please.
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  • Chris from Bothell wrote...
    "The Lineup" is vaguely offensive, but the buffalo one is good.
    The others I could take or leave. They've done better, they've done worse. The Morse/Saunders/Seager one is amusing.
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  • active_fan wrote...
    Great commercials
    I think they were good and better than last year.

    Too bad Rick and Chris are having such a poo poo day haha!

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  • The Dude Abides wrote...
    So hard to judge...
    They're funny (especially the wise ol' buffalo), but we as fans have been so spoiled the last couple decades with hilarious commercials. I don't know if these ones can compare to Buhner blinding batters with his waxed head, or Edgar's woodcarving habits, or Larry Bernandez. So many great commercials. These ones do stand well on their own. I'm more annoyed that we have to keep changing our motto every year. Can we keep this one for like 4 or 5 years?
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  • Newton wrote...
    Buffalo Is Awsome.
    Hire the Buffalo layoff the mariners. The fans will be pleased!. Invent a new beer!. Mariners fans need alcohol to weather the season. Beer+Vodka all in one bottle or can. In the 24 once size. Ya baby!.
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  • Country_Dog wrote...
    How about focussing on baseball?
    The best ad is a winning team.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    Someone had to go there, eh, Country_Dog?
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  • Country_Dog wrote...
    Yeah somebody had to go there
    because the front office and coaching staff sure ain't.
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  • Dan1 wrote...
    Not as good as past commercials
    Don't like any of them with Wedge in it, just don't like that guy.
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  • MellowClay wrote...
    Fan Mail
    That one was my fav. Haters always hate.
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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    Not even the bloopers
    were funny... :+{
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