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Seattle looking at possible 2024 Olympic bid
Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn has asked a local group to explore what it would take to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.
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  • itiswhatitis wrote...
    Seattle it's a beautiful thought, but come on
    You might get considered but because as a city you are so passive agressive and can't agree on ANYTHING that allows the city to move forward, you will lose the bid. You gave up your basketball team beacuse "there were more important things" then when they did leave you learned alot of people really liked sports (and spending money in your city). You fight over everything so please don't embarass us any more than you already do. You either are a city that embraces change and moves forward, or you are a city that stays the same because that's what we do. It is a love hate relationship that needs to change.
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  • Glover W wrote...
    A good way to bankrupt the city
    This is a great way to bankrupt the region. look at what happened to Whistler/Blackcombe. The resort went bankrupt as a result of building the infrastructure for the olympics. This is a huge SCAM and Seattle would do well to avoid the olympics.
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  • Kosh wrote...
    Go for it
    After the people riot and burn down the city Seattle will be dead as a liberal town for good.
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  • Mavila wrote...
    The model isn't very good...
    I'd say pass. The return on investment just isn't there. It's been a loser in recent history.
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  • sissy2 wrote...
    Remember the last time?
    They wanted all businesses to change their names. Anything with Olympic in the name must be changed. at least for the duration of the Olympics. I'm sure that would sit well with all the thousands of businesses! Remember the London Olympics where that restaurant has to drop the "O" from their sign to stay in business during the games. No thanks.
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  • Rangerhawk wrote...
    It would require the USGS
    To temporarily rename those mountains and penninsula left of Seattle until after the closing ceremonies.
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  • Rangerhawk wrote...
    I can see the opening ceremonies now
    A million umbrellas and cars parked on I-5 & I-90. It would certainly top the 74' Expo in Spokane though.
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  • murr wrote...
    Ya right, We cant even afford (manage) ourselves
    But I guess, thats what dreams are made for. Just watch, how much this dream will cost tax payers. If seattle could only manage a popsickle stand. THAT WOULD BE TO MUCH.
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  • SickofSeattleite wrote...
    will all the construction projects and viaduct be completed by then?
    can you imagine the traffic? Good thing i will have moved from this liberal hell hole by then.
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  • calapete wrote...
    To host the Olympics you need a united front
    As we have seen, there are a lot of businesses and politicians who don't see the benefit, only the up front cost and work.

    I am for it. I hope this time around my council members and business leaders are too.

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  • Ontos wrote...
    Do yourselves a big favor
    And forget all about this proposal.
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