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New images of 'thoughtful design' for Sonics arena
The investment group dedicated to bringing back an NBA team to Seattle has released images of the "Sonics Rings" it envisions for a new arena in the SoDo neighborhood.
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  • Zagnut wrote...
    Looks AWESOME!!!!!
    And Tyrone, are you a hard core racist? Most Tyrone's are African American, so maybe you are just a flipping ignoramus.

    Either way, you have lost on this issue sucker.

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  • Forrest wrote...
    How about them Zags!
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  • dangerman1973 wrote...
    Simply awesome!
    Chris Hansen, you're my man!
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  • Newton wrote...
    Standing room only!. There are no seats.?
    I already think it should be torn down. Turned into a pile of rubble.
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    ^Smart guy
    That's only part of the stadium. I really hope you're just trolling..
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  • MellowClay wrote...
    "No Other Arena Like This?"
    Hansen stated that.... Phillips Arena in Atlanta, GA is very similar to what Hansen and Co. are trying to do. As far as the "Social" part of the rings are concerned Just sayin...
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  • BT40K wrote...
    Sounds Cool
    I like the concept of standing room. If it has a social environment where you can walk around, get drinks and casually watch the game with friends or a date; it could be very promising.
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