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Rick Rizzs thrilled for Mariners lineup, Opening Night
Despite the return of overcast skies, Mariners fans are betting on a bright future. The voice of the Mariners, Rick Rizzs, couldn't be more thrilled for Opening Night in Oakland.
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  • Daddy Dennis wrote...
    The Seahawk Factor
    This city got a big dose of inspiration from football last year. It's common for players in winning cities to feel a bit more heat and a bit more lift from the fan base.

    What I've been seeing on social media is a fan base that is dying to scream and get loud for somebody WINNING GAMES. They sense the Sonics coming home, the Seahawk window opening, and just a return to a city of sports hope.

    It's contagious. The first games of the year will be something new. Seahawk players are itching to attend games and they will bring some juice with them. The new fences are another reason for hope.

    If the M's come out flat, this will be the least watched team in the history of Seattle pro sports. Once NFL training camp breaks, put a fork in them if they are not up by at least 3 in the division.

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  • The Live Chicken wrote...
    screaming for fans winning games
    And sensing the Sonics coming home. Hate to say it, but if fans are expecting the ex-Sacramento Kings to all of a sudden turn into a playoff caliber team, then they are in for a very reddening slap in the face. In case anyone hasn't watched the Kings in the last 4 or 5 years, this is not a good team we may get.

    If they are not up 3 in the division by training camp then you are going to put a fork in them, seriously? Isn't NFL training camp in July or something? There is over two months of baseball left at that point. And we all know as Texas proved last season, that even a substantial lead means NOTHING in any division.
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