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Astros complete sweep of Mariners with 6-1 win
For a team with the worst record in the major leagues, the Houston Astros seem to be having a good time lately.
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  • R L M 456 wrote...
    The fences were brought in between 4 and 17 feet depending on the area of the outfield.
    They were barely threatened by either team.

    better move them in another 15 feet

    maybe the AAA club could hit a homer then

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  • El Duderino wrote...
    The difference between
    the Yankees and Astros is pretty darn clear. Those Astros were swinging at garbage and had serious holes in their swings. Yankee hitters, not so much.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Somewhere in the Safeco bullpen.......
    ...the ghost of Bobby Ayala lingers. Willis should have pulled Wilhelmsen after the 2nd walk. Go figure.
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  • rpbrosa wrote...
    Pathetically almost good, so sad!
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  • Dan1 wrote...
    One word
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  • Ed Altizer wrote...
    Yes, terrible.....
    However, no one in the whole state of Washington feels worse than Wilhelmson. He's certainly had his struggles the past couple of weeks and of course, this needs to be address. Only problem, there's nobody to move in and take over as closer. I think he will be back in top form again.
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