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Safeco Field now famous for ball-catching, beer-chugging guy
Wednesday evening might boast the lowest attendance record in Mariners history, but now Safeco is drawing much more positive attention because of one man who caught a foul ball.
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  • Ontos wrote...
    Did the "fan"
    Leave the park with a BAC that exceeded the legal limit?
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  • gmantacoma wrote...
    BAC - Ball Alcohol Content ?
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  • kcandjc00 wrote...
    It would be my honor to buy a beer for this American Hero
    Please Mariners sign this guy to a 1 year contract. He is a true talent and my dream is to but this guy a beer.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Was'nt much of a game.
    Beer drinkers need alcohol to watch mariners. Thank God.
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  • El Duderino wrote...
    With beer prices at the Safe
    I get my buzz outside the building. Anyone can be a hero at Safeco right now when there are 25 people there at the end of a snoozer game.
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  • Matt Lattanzi wrote...
    I had three beers last night!
    This guy was sitting a few sections to the left of us towards third base. I guess if you call spilling beer all over yourself chugging, that is what he did. But half the beer ended up on his shirt.
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  • dbhawkfan84 wrote...
    This is great!
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  • EugeneRushmore wrote...
    beer drinking etiquette
    serious catch... but it appears as though he spilled a bit on himself.
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  • Rangerhawk wrote...
    On second thought, I'll have a Mojo Pale Ale
    For what a micro costs, they could afford to add a ball to it.
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  • oily wrote...
    Best Fan GIF
    ever, especially like his buddys reaction- like someone just told him that he won a date with Kate Upton, or Santa's Workshop was just discovered at the North Pole, or something.
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