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King County judge dismisses Seattle arena lawsuit
The final legal hurdle standing in front of the proposed SoDo arena is gone following a hearing Friday in a King County courtroom.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    What a pathetic name.
    So if it isn't important to you... it isn't important at all??? Thank you for demonstrating the exact opposite of what this country is supposed to stand for. Thank you for showing that there still are selfish, pathetic morons out in the world.
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  • smithval75 wrote...
    You both have a lot of nerve.
    With all the troubles plaguing Seattle and this region who cares if we get an NBA team or not? XKOP, McGinn flying to New York was a waste of taxpayer money, but you don’t think so because it’s important to you so you’re kind of being a hypocrite. And Rayvensdad, your comment is pathetic. Every other issue from the SPD, to unemployment, to traffic issues, to the homeless is infinitely more important than whether or not a GAME with absolutely zero impact on anyone’s life other than the multimillionaire owners and players comes back to town. Seattle had its shot and lost it’s team. I hope to God the NBA sides with Sacramento so we can just be done with this and stop focusing on an issue that doesn’t really matter.
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  • FormerMarineSgt wrote...
    You are ignoring that a sports team brings money and jobs into town. The 'byproduct' spending - everything from the jobs building / maintaining / staffing the stadium, to the food/travel/lodging/tourist spend of people coming to the games, to taxes on that spend, to taxes raised on ticket sales, etc. etc. etc. This is hardly any different than any other attempt to bring companies to this region, so no - it's not 'spending for nothing that doesn't matter'. You're right that many people could care less about bringing basketball back to town, but you cannot argue with the increased cashflow and tax revenue that would result from having them here.
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  • Largent803 wrote...
    Not to mention other byproducts too
    FormerMarineSgt: you made excellent points, lets also not forget the employment of the construction workers. How does building get built? The owners will hire contractos who employ all the necessary people in the area to help build the building. People nowadays don't look at every aspect of a what a new arena will mean to this area. It is the same thing when you look at other areas in the economy if their is a price increase on any measure there will a price increase. This means if you want to buy food and the gas prices on diesel fuel goes up then you will food prices go up.
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  • FormerMarineSgt wrote...
    The construction workers are short term employment - lasting only long enough to build the facility. However, the fiscal impact of folks attending events isn't short term - it's as permanent as any other spending is. Folks spending money for tickets, for food / lodging / gas / parking / etc. And every bit of that money has taxes included. I don't recall the exact amounts, but it's multiple millions in raw spending with taxes on every bit of that spending. However, the impact on the total pool of available food and gas isn't going to be enough to inflate the costs of these, so that's not an impact on thier costs.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    That doesn't really matter........
    To you. If it doesn't matter to you... fine. Congrats... here's a medal, or a shoulder to cry on. Fact is, if you don't like how things are shaping up here, jet out.
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  • flipper wrote...
    Let's not forget
    The loss of the Sonics at the Key has not been adequately replaced as folks in CFMIT and the knuckleheads on the Seattle City Council said they would. What has replaced this use of the Key for 41 NIGHTS?
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    Death for taxpayers
    CH must oepen wallet for taxpayer! too much floride in drinking water, posion minds of currupt politshins. -Newton.
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