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Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman not misquoted on Adderall use in NFL
Outspoken Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman wasn't misquoted about his statements on the banned drug Adderall in an interview with the Vancouver Sun, but the context might have gotten lost in the print.
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  • Essex wrote...
    I think it's still considered a misquote when you rip somebody's words out of their proper context to make them men something completely different.
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  • Fuego wrote...
    Not a misquote
    but a rephrasing his intent of what he said. People need to lighten up.
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  • Big Zipper wrote...
    he needs to let
    his pads catch up to his mouth...
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  • skottedont wrote...
    Pads catch up to his mouth?
    He was arguably the best cornerback in the league last year. He got snubbed in the pro bowl because of this controversy, but made 1st team all pro. He may have a fast mouth but give the man credit, his pads are going just as fast.
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  • flipper wrote...
    How many times
    has a player in the NFL not made the Pro Bowl, but was named All pro?
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  • Cbrew wrote...
    Are you kidding Chris Sullivan?
    His words were twisted and used out of context by idiots like yourself... before you go bashing Richard Sherman why don't you do a little actual investigating to find out why this is a topic at all. People just came out with articles saying Sherman says half the league uses Adderall, and PATHETIC REPORTERS LIKE YOU left out the fact that he was asked a question about players with ADD and ADHD... You should be fired for your misrepresentation in the title of this article, you're an idiot and in my opinion you don't deserve a job in this line of work you have an obvious bias you piece of crap.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    Yes, he was wrong in his story...
    But calm down a bit there Cbrew... life is too short to be off the hinge that quickly.
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  • Cbrew wrote...
    Sorry Rayvensdad - Too much Coffee
    but my point stands, I'm irritated every time reporters do this, they play dumb like he doesn't know how Sherman's words are being twisted... then attacks Sherman's credibility by saying... "oooh we got you, you did say this you weren't misquoted" ... it's weak... it's shoddy reporting.
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  • hawks$life wrote...
    without pain, without sacrifice
    we would have nothing
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    Oh get a life!
    "Half the league takes it"....... welcome to a general statement, where he obviously has no clue how many take it, but probably knows a few players who do take it for actual medical needs. The fact that he didn't say anyone's name or point specifically to a team makes this story....... IRRELEVANT! Get... a... Life!!!
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  • manabouttown wrote...
    sherman should just quit talking to media
    Sherman is just a immature child with a physical talent that pays him well. He should quit running his mouth. He's the type of player that will embarrass his team. That whole skip bayless interview was an embarrassment to himself and his team. It's bayless's job to evaluate players. it's not sherman's job to evaluate broadcasters/reporters. Why can't sherman just shut the up?
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Foot in mouth disease!
    I love Richard Sherman. However, someone needs to tell Sherman to ZIP IT!!!
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  • dadling wrote...
    I like R.S. as much as anyone..but....
    can't say I'm impressed with his mouth....occasionally ok, but, now it's beginning to remind me of a dripping faucet.... Let's just get back to playing football...Go Hawks !1
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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    @ Chris Sullivan
    Not sure what others read, but you did a good job of not being a homer and reporting this incident accurately.

    Sorry about the Cbrew comments. But that is quite typical for him. He always comes across as a punk with a big mouth, yet without content.

    Anyone with half a brain who read your article above, would have comprehended the intent of the article.

    But then again, this is the internet... ;-{

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  • Daddy Dennis wrote...
    The whole point
    "What was lost in the quote but made clear in the entire video is that Sherman was talking about people who have a prescription for the drug. He was not talking about players taking it to get an advantage."

    Yes, LOST in the quote. There was very much LOST in this quote. Let's try to FIND it.

    First of all, he is being interviewed in front of an elementary school. This tells me the reason he must have thought he was getting interviewed had something to do with kids or schools. This is not the setting for an expose on drug use in the NFL. Thus a premeditated attempt to get an off-the-cuff quote. A mugging.

    Second, Sherman is not a doctor, a cop, a lawyer or anyone else with the credentials to agree to this reporter's LEADING question. He suggests MORE THAN ONE condition and Sherman clearly replies in a general and non-specific way.

    Finally, the statement could be true. Nobody knows for sure because the league does not share this information (as it should be). Richard Sherman, a young Stanford grad and paid entertainer, answered in a hyperbolic way employing something called "a figure of speech". If I go to a game and say "half the fans were drunk", I did not go take a poll to get this 50% number. Common sense.

    Rotten reporting designed to get cheap attention. Badness in too many ways to count.

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  • Thomas Paine's descendant wrote...
    Richard Sherman is the MAN!
    Love, love, LOVE everything about Optimus Prime! It's been a looooong time since we've had a Seattle sports figure with an attitude and the ability to BACK IT UP! Think: Gary Payton. I cannot WAIT for the start of the Seahawks march to homefield advantage throughout the playoffs and the inevitable SuperBowl! When was the last time we were this fired up about the Hawks? I, for one, have a man-crush on RS. He's a budding superstar with all-world talent - Deion Sanders in his prime... Pete just goes into every game and tells Richard "You just handle Team X's best receiver, shut him down, and we'll game plan the rest of their offense." What a luxury for a Defensive Coordinator! ...GO HAWKS!!!
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