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Reports: Sacramento promises match to NBA; Maloofs set new deadline
Reports say a Sacramento investment team has notified the NBA that it will match the offer Chris Hansen's group has made to buy the Kings, according to the Sacramento Bee.
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  • Newton wrote...
    I'm so happy for Sacramento keeping thier Kings.
    I think the 30 million none refundable money. Is just that none refundable. Whats 30 million to a bunch of Billionaires. Couple of dimes.
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  • flipper wrote...
    You must have missed the story yesterday that said the NBA told the Kings if they keep the team, they're going to have to pay the Hansen Group $30 million...
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  • skier_04 wrote...
    Losing Team
    Why would we want another losing team in this city anyways? You can see the fan turnout numbers for the losing mariners, what gives that a losing NBA team would produce anything different once the hype is gone after a couple games? Better wait for an expansion team and no strings attached to the Kings.
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  • bigbertha wrote...
    I still say they approve the sale to Hansen/Ballmer. how many commisioners are there? and david stern would be one of a few to reject the deal. but the question is wich city would bring more money? my guess is seattle.they are a much bigger and growing city. with a great economy. all who reject say I. ALL WHO AGREE SAY hELL yEAH. I STILL THINK WE GOT IT IN OUR FAVOR REGARLESS OF WHAT IS GOING ON BEHIND THE SCEANS. Besides that kj and his team of goons are second in line right?
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  • dangerman1973 wrote...
    To bigbertha...
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  • Lonestar wrote...
    Dear California
    If you have so much money, how about bailing out Stockton. Maybe it just might be better to pay police officers rather than overpriced divas.
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  • po_guy wrote...
    Does not need another sports team...
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