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Winfield chasing championship in Seattle
Antoine Winfield had no reason to suspect anything was amiss when he headed to the Minnesota Vikings' practice facility to work out back in March.
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  • Toughact52 wrote...
    Outstanding Acquisition......
    A. Winfield could be the missing link on 3rd downs this season. The slot position was one of the weakest links on the defensive side of the ball. Miami abused Marcus time & time again, during that last TD drive. Make a play here a play there on 3rd down & we win that game. MT was just to slow to cover quick & speedy WR's last year. Winfield is a proven pro. His arrival here makes our secondary the best in the league bar none. I see a lot of takeways this season. Hawks Up!
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  • Toughact52 wrote...
    Photo Gallery.....
    Elaine, Thanks for the great mini camp photo's! U Rock!
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