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Hansen increases offer to buy Kings by $25 million
Chris Hansen announced that his Seattle Ownership Group has raised its offer to buy the Kings from the Maloof brothers by $25 million to $550 million, just hours after it was reported that a Sacramento investment team told the NBA that it would match Hansen's previous offer of $525 million.
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  • seattle sports fan 13 wrote...
    Hansen not being the sole buyer means nothing about the amount of money he has. I have 6 season tickets to the hawks that i can afford no problem (and they're not the cheap seats) but since a number of my friends want in too i let them pay for part of the bill, just like how steve balmer has wanted in on a nba team too so hansen, a smart man says ive got the loot but i can bring in another die hard bball fan and get what i want for less cash out of pocket. I read and every now and then respond to peoples posts on here b/c it is truley shocking at how close minded, misinformed or just flat out unintelligent you and the rest of the sport fans in this area really are. Gain some real knowledge and realize how much good having a nba, mlb or nfl team is for this or any other city in the US! Is sport really that important? Of course not, but the building of relationships between a father and son, father and daughter, mother and son, ect is huge. the jobs pro sports brings helps drive our economy. You're not the only one in this city! And truthfully there are more people here in seattle that miss the sonics then there are people who will miss you when you pass away
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  • seattle sports fan 13 wrote...
    This team, stadium and everything tied to it is PRIVATELY FUNDED. No tax payer money. In fact the city will make money from the taxes on tickets parking and everything in between. Newton if your argument had any validity to it i would be on your side but nothing you have to say has any importance and your not stop hatred of everything makes you look like the joke you are!
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  • Newton wrote...
    Seattle sports Scamed Fan!
    What are the Bonds for you ask. Its to pay off all those that went along with this scam. Judges council members Cops etc etc. The profits that would of gone to the public funds. Now it goes to a high interest bond fund for only the select few. See everbody makes money except the tax paying public. Of course dont' forget you paid triple for some junk land in seattle. From your ah-hum mr hansen. So you build this B/B arena and then the Mariners get sold off. Then you will have two empty stadiums. Ahh Do they get any dumber then the Seattle Fan. I think Not!. Make them use Key arena oh thats right the scam does not work as good as building a new arena. See its all about robbing the public Tax payer. To bad for the Seattle sports scamed fan that he/she has not figured it out as of yet.??
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  • Cash wrote...
    Newton you are truly a dum dum just like m101...
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  • bigbertha wrote...
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  • SEAbeliever wrote...
    Saving 5,000,000 is pretty smart if you ask me
    The NBA is "politely asking" the Maloofs to refund the $30,000,000 so Hansen upping the offer by $25,000,000 is no surprise because he already invested that into the deal already. Just forces Sacramento to keep upping their stance. They will be flushed eventually. The Maloofs shouldn't mind refunding the $30,000,000 in lieu of the fact that now they have their bidding war. Shows how flimsy a deal with them is however. No wonder they're in such a bad state financially.
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  • Richardb787 wrote...
    I'm a Bleeding Heart ...
    Liberal, and I say: Go for it Chris, it is your money and your passion. More power to ya.
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  • SickofSeattleite wrote...
    In times where family are literaly scrapping by to make ends meet
    it makes me sick that they toss around millions over SPORTS! Obviously sports are important and people are not. So your good at sports, here's 35 million...really? So you are good at brain surgery here's $300,000 thousand and 15 lawsuits and by the way your going out of business because you can't pay your insurance in case you make a mistake... Hmmm....who are we protecting here? Ball kickers.
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