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NBA Commissioner: No decision on Sacramento likely for weeks
NBA Commissioner David Stern told reporters Wednesday a decision on the Sacramento Kings is still weeks away, while reports say Sacramento's bid to keep the Kings reportedly falls far short of Chris Hansen's bid, is non-binding and calls for the Maloof family to drop their deal with Hansen without an NBA vote.
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  • DonVigo wrote...
    Well, congratulations to KIRO...
    I've personally gone from hopeful, to indifferent, to now actively hoping it comes to light quickly that the Kings stay in Sacramento.

    The "Sonics are Coming" horse has been dead for a couple days now. Continuing to beat it will probably lead to more of us non-fans hoping that this story ends in Sac's favor simply so we don't have to hear it anymore.

    Seriously, until it solidifies, all the "news" on this subject is rumor or hearsey, not factual... Which is... You know... What news is supposed to be.

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  • Schlottmann wrote...
    This is sports talk. Which very rarely qualifies as "news". The fact that Sacramento's formal offers reportedly falls very short of Seattle's bid is huge to this story. Stay strong @ DonVigo, this horse far from dead. Go Sonics!!!
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  • Zagnut wrote...
    DonVigo, what a strange comment.
    Why are you taking the time to read the article and then post the comment if you truly don't care?

    I'll answer my own question. Because you do care! Obviously. You aren't indifferent and never were, liar.

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  • DonVigo wrote...
    Schlottmann - Sorry, man, I'm just getting really frustrated with all the conflicting stories lately. I'm not a fan of basketball, but a fan of Seattle, and really feel like the city would do well by getting the Sonics back. I saw this one on the main page, and it's not flying the 710 Sports banner, so I wasn't thinking of it as sports news. Just venting, would love to see us score on this one, but I'd also like not to have this on the front page until it's finalized either way. Driving me NUTS casually following the back and forth. Zagnut - Great attitude. Hide behind a pseudonym and cast judgement upon others from your internet throne... Sorry you're so unhappy in life, but I can clearly identify with using an internet forum to vent. Does that answer your question as to my motivation, or do you just want to hurl insults like you're anyone's moral superior?
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  • Zagnut wrote...
    Ouch, I guess I hit a nerve.
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  • superdonic wrote...
    So now what?
    It is looking more and more like Seattle is going to get the raw end of the stick here. How can you go from we are voting on such and such a date to we may not vote for weeks now. What the... I am hopeful this goes Seattle's way. The longer this drags out though makes me think Stern has something up his sleeve and is delaying the vote for as long as possible and because he is trying to sway the vote opposing the sale to Hansen.
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  • Zagnut wrote...
    superdonic, don't lose any sleep. The Sonics will be back no later than 2015.
    95% chance they will be here this fall.

    5% chance the Kings stay in Sacramento and Seattle is granted an expansion team.

    0% chance the NBA is not in Seattle in the fall of 2015 (assuming the world is still spinning, and both the USA and NBA still exist).

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  • sfk360 wrote...
    *waits for arena idiots to come crying*
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  • Lonestar wrote...
    Won't happen
    Until Stern and Bennett have a meeting in a pup tent in Montana.
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  • Frogsplash wrote...
    Stern is turning this in to a circus
    He's a pompus, arrogant arse.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Keep the Kings in Sacramento.
    They need to have a team since they don't have football. Like Seattle. Seattle has a Baseball team. Seattle would trade the Mariners guns amo and a rollerdurby team.
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  • Oly80 wrote...

    another NON news story about this?

    THIS JUST IN! "noting to report."

    don't care. i'm with other posters on this: starting to care less and less.

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  • bigbertha wrote...
    pOOR kj
    Poor Kj couldnt come up with a binding offer and his proposal falls way short of Chris Hansens. DAM good news. it says alot on how this should go. Unless stern buys off a bunch of the owners. this brings light to the end of the tunnel. Oh wait the tunnel hasnt even started yet!! lol GO SONICS!!!
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  • montanamike wrote...
    Same old INDIA drum
    Last major news outta India was how they are running around Gang raping WOMEN there own an foreigners. Not so sure stern wants those sickos to be wearing NBA apparel.GO SONICS
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    I can't decide if I want the Kings more, or if I Want KJ to just shut up more. I'll take all of the above.
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  • Super Fan wrote...
    It is obvious that Stern is doing everything in his power to keep the Kings in Sacramento and right behind him is Bennett who hates Seattle....Now they are giving them all that extra time to get their ducks in order.........A decision was suppose to be made no later then tomorrow.
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  • flipper wrote...
    Maybe Stern can retire on St.Helena just like Nappy...where we never have to hear from the little twit ever again.
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