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NBA Sacramento vote won't happen until early May; Stern insists he's not trying to influence outcome
NBA Commissioner David Stern insisted he's not trying to influence the outcome of the Sacramento Kings sale, and told reporters at the end of owner meetings the only certainty is they'll meet again next week.
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  • Fuego wrote...
    Does anyone
    in Seattle believe anything that comes from Stern's mouth?
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  • darrengrama wrote...
    does anyone
    Really want the Kings anymore? This has gotten to a point I do t want to read about it anymore. And I kinda feel bad for Sacramento fans. They seem so sad. :'(
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  • Matt Lattanzi wrote...
    he is a lying dirty person from Israel
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  • The Dude Abides wrote...
    Wow, Matt
    I agree that Stern is an untrustworthy, back-alley-dealing egomaniac, but you kinda crossed the line. Let's insult the man who's earned it, not the entire group of people who haven't. Show some class, and leave Israel out of this, k?
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  • SeaHuskies wrote...
    I think Stern flunk Social Studies...F-it Dude lets go bowling!
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  • Birdonawire wrote...
    Sorry Stern
    Seattle doesn't believe you anymore. Go peddle that fecal matter to your good buddy Clay.

    I'll believe the NBA is returning when the players are on the court in green & gold for a regular season game - whatever venue, whatever year.

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  • HawksBeak wrote...
    How does this duplicitous snake keep his job?
    In 2008, the Sonics were sold and then relocation was considered after the franchise was Major Leagued. Now, it is the other way around. The NBA will decide on relocation (after giving Sactown every chance), then they will vote on the sale. He keeps changing the way this game is played, and he is lying when he says he has no influence and isn't doing all he can to help Sacramento. The last I heard he was still Commissioner but why I don't know.
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  • The Dude Abides wrote...
    Not a good time to be a league Commish right now
    Let's see...who's worse at their job right now?

    First up, we have MLB commish Bud Selig. I just need two words to describe his recent tenure: steroid era. Just for fun, let's throw a lockout and an All-Star game debacle on top of that.

    Next up, we have Gary Bettman with the NHL. This one's an enigma. He's managed to significantly expand the league and its revenue over the last 20 years. However, he's also been responsible for not one, but two lockouts in the last decade. Almost everyone in the league thinks he's an idiot. Tough break, Gary.

    Next up is everone's favorite safety champion, Roger Goodell. The last couple years have been really tough for this guy. An officials lockout resulted in some serious egg on his face last season. Then you have the whole "Bounty Gate" scandal. This fiasco was so bad, he actually had to call in his old boss to oversee things. Talk about lack of confidence in your leader. Then you have the whole hypocritical problems with him, where he wants to make the players fight with pillows when it counts, but he wants them to behead each other in the ProBowl, which nobody watches anymore. I foresee the end is coming soon for this tard.

    Last but certainly not least, we have this nutjob, David Stern. The guy gets soooo much credit for running a successful league, simply because he inherited some of the greatest players of all time: Bird, Majic, Kareem, Thomas, Olajuhwan, and some guy named Jordan, just to name a few. Over the last decade, though, we've managed to see who he really is. Under his command, we've seen a lockout, officials bought off, numerous player and coach scandals, the worst brawl in NBA history, and an entire team ripped away from its fan base for no good reason. What a way to leave your legacy, Davey.

    Let's put it to a vote, people. Which one of these jerk-offs is the worst of the big 4 commissioners right now? In my opinion, Stern is a REALLY close second to Goodell, who's manage to lose confidence from the owners, the players, and the fans, all at once. What a horse's patoot.

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  • The Dude Abides wrote...
    that's MAGIC, not MAJIC...derp.
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  • Bowlman wrote...
    I'm sorry...
    ... But it's obvious even to a low IQ person that this deal is about to go south for Chris Hansen and Seattle fans. If the folks in Sacramento really have an offer that is close to equal to ours, what would be the huge upside for the team to move? Seattle just got poned.
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  • GoldFish wrote...
    Let's all face it....
    Stern's a dirty Jew and none of us trust him.
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  • dangerman1973 wrote...
    My two cents on Stern...
    David Stern is anti-Seattle. I remember the time when he said that Seattle is not worthy to be a basketball town. That's why there was none of his advocacy for the city when the Sonics move to Oklahoma City. And now he advocates with Sacramento to prevent the return of the NBA to Seattle. Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times wrote the Stern is the villain here in the Northwest, and I can't blame him. Stern retires in a few months he will leave his legacy as one of the most darkest in the point of view of the Seattle sports scene. I would compare Stern of some of history's bad leaders but unfortunately the site doesn't accept offensive material. It's tempting though.
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  • Newton wrote...
    This guy is.????????????????
    Figures, high strangness. Keep the Kings in Sacramento.
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