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Intrigue for Seahawks in 5th round of draft
Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider has found some of his greatest success during the fifth round of the NFL draft in his first three seasons leading the team's front office.
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  • Seattle Frank wrote...
    Seattle takes RB Michael with 62nd pick
    For the past week, I had a feeling that the Seahawks would use their 2nd round pick for a RB. What do you wanna bet Michael will be used on special team to return punts?
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  • Derrol_o wrote...
    It's possible
    but evidently he has issues catching the ball. If a QB won't throw him a bubble screen, would he be a good fit at this point to field punts? Then again, being the same type of RB as Lynch and Turbin, how else would he be able to carry the rock?
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  • GoooSeahawks wrote...
    Michael may be the normal kickoff returner, to minimize the risk to Percy. I highly doubt that he will be the PR guy though as a RB and rookie. That job will be Golden's job to lose. Percy will of course be the guy for both roles when you really need a spark for the team.
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