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Houston avoids sweep with 2-0 win over Seattle
Houston rookie Brett Oberholtzer was focused this week on improving after allowing 15 hits and eight runs combined in his previous two starts.
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  • Dan1 wrote...
    This team sucks plain and simple
    Battling to stay out of the cellar with the Astros already. Flush Wedge and his whole coaching staff down the toilet. Z bought unwanted vet turds again. Let them all sit or go and bring up the young dudes, maybe then we can have a somewhat respectable season. This is ugly already!!!!
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  • Newton wrote...
    Can roller derby fit inside safeco field.
    Since its no being used for baseball.
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  • Ed Altizer wrote...
    Double Ugly!!
    Wedge is replacing Ryan with Andino. I think there needs to be more such moves. i.e., Ibanez is a great guy but his effective playing days are over. Jason Bay also, his bat is as ineffective as Ryan's. The brought up Peguero because Gutierrez is on the DL, so why not DFA Ibanez and Bay and keep Peguero and bring up Thames. Couldn't be any worse, yet they are young and can hopefully grow.
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  • shane5150 wrote...
    I Knew that we could Contend!
    At the start of the season everybody just handed the (L)Astros the bottom. They underestimated our ability to lay down and play dead. Jack Z worked his magic and whollah > We are back in the Cellar! Awesome Jack!
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  • Swampfire wrote...
    Quoth the manger
    It's nice to have professional observation that the average fan doesn't understand. Wedge explains what we don't understand..... "He has some power," Wedge said. "He has considerable power talking about ball off the bat, the way it jumps. He's going to be a hitter first. He'll hit a few home runs."
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  • Ed Altizer wrote...
    Why are all these old posts on this topic? Makes no sense. C'mon my northwest, get your act together.
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