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Seahawks draft RB Christine Michael after trading back
The Seahawks moved six spots back in the second round before choosing Texas A&M running back Christine Michael with the 62nd overall pick.
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  • a_bassett10 wrote...
    to seattle!
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  • Oregon Duck fan wrote...
    The Hawks are preparing for the future when Lynch starts to slow down. I think its a smart move! Why not have your Tandem of the future in Turbin and Michael as your 2nd and 3rd string backs? The way Lynch runs I could see him starting to slow down in the next few years
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  • pjudge wrote...
    In JS/PC we trust!!!
    All the faith in our front office! #GO HAWKS
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  • DaBravestRFD wrote...
    No Leon
    Harvin can do the kick returns sure but this kid will just fill Neon Leon's spot as the 3rd RB
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  • dmoorephd wrote...
    How could trading DOWN?...
    past Russell Wilson's Honey Badger and Eddie Lacey of Alabama for this guy have been a strategic move. They were sitting there with a pick that would have gotten them either Ball or Lacey...but they pulled the trigger to bypass them for NOBODY's choice as the better back. This smells as dubious as taking a pass rusher with the 1st Round Pick last year. Erratic. Ambiguous messages to the fans.
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  • fisher wrote...
    Did you see how many Alabama linemen were selected in the first round?
    Almost any running back would be great behind that line.
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  • Broyld wrote...
    Don't question
    The Seahawks' management.
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  • Derrol_o wrote...
    Erratic, ambiguous message to the fans? And how are the erratic, ambiguous picks turning out? To heck with fans if they want to gripe and moan. Pete and John's job is to make the fans happy by building a winner. Their job ISN'T to make the fans happy about how they go about doing it. Because when you boil it all down, the fans and naysayers have lost all credibility on thinking they know what the Hawks need to do. Pete and John have earned the benefit of the doubt but some people keep panning their moves like they don't know what they're doing. Why is that?
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  • bigbertha wrote...
    AGRRED w/Derrol_o
    get in sit down shut up and hold on!!its not your ride so what you say doesnt matter!!
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  • Derrol_o wrote...
    Why are the Hawks the odds on favorite to win the SB next year?
    Because Pete and John refuse to toe the line set by the armchair GMs and the know-it-alls like Mel Kiper. They don't mind taking the criticism because they know they will get the last laugh. I seem to remember a lot of fans were calling for them to draft Chris Polk in the 2nd or 3rd round last year but they decided, "nah, we'll get this guy nobody's heard of out of a college nobody talks about named Bobby Wagner and then we'll go with a QB who's supposedly too short to be a starter and that we supposedly don't need since we just signed Matt Flynn, thank you very much." So, surprise! Maybe Pete and John do know a thing or two about football.
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  • dmoorephd wrote...
    And what a "homer" this writer is...
    Mentioning who Baltimore took with the Hawks pick but not mentioning that the top two, arguably 1st round/early second round, rushers were available at Pick 56 but gone by 62--where they took, MAYBE, the third best available. Danny, the shocker isn't that they thought they needed a running back, but that they then traded in such a way that they couldn't get the two best available!!! get paid as a sports personality to say the obvious. Not ignore it
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  • Derrol_o wrote...
    The real shocker is
    that you don't know the difference between team need and bpa. "...thought they needed a running back" Um, no. They most likely felt they would be better off with a potential 1000+ yard rusher that they didn't necessarily need than a Lawrence Jackson caliber player. Whether they currently need another running back or not, if Michael pans out it opens up many options that are evidently beyond your scope of understanding. And as far as Montee Ball and Eddie Lacy being better RB prospects than Michael, we'll see about that. No one gets it right all the time but it's all about getting it right more often than everyone else, which is what Pete and John have done for 3 years in a row now. Out of the three, my money's on Michael and on the Hawks.
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    These guys
    always have a plan. Not worried.
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  • Truhawk wrote...
    your phd is not in football!
    Holy cow! Haven't you learned yet, dmoore? Eratic? That is you not looking at the Hawks draft record under JS/PC! Michael is a freak of nature, as physically talented as you could hope for in a running back! His upside is huge! Running backs tend towards short careers in the NFL due to the pounding they take. Don't forget the 2 extra picke we got for trading down!The Honey Badger is overrated, and a head case...and our "dubious" 1st rounder last year led all rookies in sacks! Feel free to crawl back into that book you were reading, Hawk fans have seen the bold moves of our management team pay off big time! And keep quiet when they pick a QB later, as Pete said when he became coach, he would take one in every draft.
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  • Lonestar wrote...
    Welcome to Seattle
    We're very supportive of the transgendered.
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  • Skydog wrote...
    Trust Pete and John
    Not sure I completely understand it, but if I did, I'd either be coaching or the general manager of a Successful NFL franchise. They gotta plan, I have drunk the kool-aide "Go Hawks!"
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  • Ukhawk1 wrote...
    Not as much of a surprise here as one would think. Michael is a great BPA pick and as usual a JS/PC pick with high upside, good fit and function. Upside? Measurables similar to AP. Fit? One cut, down hill, zone friendly runner. Function? No surprise to see Carroll again stockpiling running backs which is only the most important positions in a RUN -oriented team. Lastly these types of picks provides further competition, contingency, & continuity in building/maintaining the team. Yet another great pick, more to come.
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