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Seahawks draft RB Christine Michael after trading back
The Seahawks moved six spots back in the second round before choosing Texas A&M running back Christine Michael with the 62nd overall pick.
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  • techmike316 wrote...
    I see this pick as the Hawks trying to protect Percy Harvin, who has had injury problems. Also his style of play fits what the Hawks do on offense. Don't be suprised to see him in some 3rd and longs to help R.W.1 run the read option. Just remember if he doesn't work not all picks do (Curry 4th overall) so let not hit the panic button on a late 2nd rounder. The only real need I can see for the Hawks is a Linebacker that is if Malchom Smith or Mike Morgan cant come in and start. Other then that all needs have been addressed in my book. Season is less then 5 months away we shall see how it plays out.
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  • techmike316 wrote...
    Sorry I meant all pick don't work out
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  • Jules of Orcas wrote...
    A 2 pick on a running back who only played two games as a senior and didn't even play in their bowl game? Still no replacement for Leroy Hill at linebacker?? No added depth for the offensive line?? I don't get it but I gotta trust Pete and John on this one given their track record so far with previous drafts
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  • Big Zipper wrote...
    Great pick
    At first I was shocked... like when Bruce was drafted. But, Lynch has fought back spasms for years. While Turbin is a beast, he doesn't look to me like a guy that can carry a team by himself. We are a run team. WOULDNT IT SUCK IF THIS WAS OUR SUPER BOWL RUN AND WE LOST A KEY GAME CAUSE LYNCH WAS HURT... now we have back up. And he is dynamic... maybe a project. But I bet he gets you a win this year in some odd play that he breaks for a long run.
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