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Fifth round (No. 138): CB Tharold Simon, LSU
The Seahawks used the second of their three fifth-round picks on Tharold Simon, the LSU cornerback who was arrested earlier this week.
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  • fiddlepimp wrote...
    Welcome to Seattle Tharold!
    Hopefully you will be treated with respect here in Seattle!
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    Hey Tharold!
    As much as I respect law enforcement, I'll just say two things: My mom told me I didn't have to play with people who didn't like me, so it is with that officer. And the second thing is: Good luck in your new career with the Seahawks-most officers here are nicer than that guy back home, and we need all of the good players we can get on our road to the Lombardi trophy.
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  • GoooSeahawks wrote...
    Great Pick
    I'm more concerned about the reported drug suspension than I am about the altercation with the cop. I'm sure he will learn from both. He will have two great corners with similar play styles and size to learn from. The team is going to run into some cap issues over the next couple years and will have a hard time keeping both our starters. He will definitely add depth and also insurance if we can't keep both Sherman and Browner.
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