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Fifth round (No. 158): TE Luke Willson, Rice
The Seahawks used their third and final fifth-round pick on Luke Willson, a tight end from Rice.
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  • Brandon40 wrote...
    They guy caught 299 passes as a junior!? He must be amazing, I'm assuming thats 29 receptions his junior year? C'mon Danny! Still love your articles!
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  • Big Zipper wrote...
    Another interesting pick
    They seem to find players who were lights out early in their careers and then dropped off their sr yr due to injury (like Luke). Had Luke not gotten hurt, he might have gone 2-3 rounds earlier. Nice formula.
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  • Mike & Mac wrote...
    THe message in this off-season is that the view is DOWNFIELD. Luke Wilson is part of that vision. Apparently the Seattle Seahawk brain trust thinks that Wilson has yet to reach his potential as a drop back passer and I agree. This young man, Wilson, has more potential than he has showed in reality the past season. He is going to pass the other quarterbacks in the league this year. Look for a MVP from Wilson. Remember this post - Russ Foy (Ravensdale) and I have seen this coming all along. Russell Wilson played out of Wisconsin (by way of N. Carolina) and was never a pistol pete in college while taking the Rose Bowl trophy.
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    He sounds like a guy who can create a little separation and who can develop once he gets here. There is an opening for a TE who can skillfully advance his own cause.
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