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Business as usual: Seahawks' draft full of odd moves
Seattle's 2013 draft included its share of selections that were anything but orthodox. In other words, it was just another day at the draft for the Seahawks.
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  • hawhetton wrote...
    Great draft
    It's funny how other teams are emulating what JS has done for us the past few years. Soon most teams will be built like us and it will come down to simple execution. I tip my hat once again to the FO for creating quality depth and adding to a few key areas namely DT. Great to see both pass rush and run-stuffer go to us. Let the games continue to roll vs the NFC West who all did well too. I think this was one of the deepest drafts I've ever witnessed. Go Hawks!!
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  • Hawkman wrote...
    right on ..
    great draft, and looking forward to all the development. Go Hawks!!!!
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  • SeaTownSportsAtic wrote...
    Very good draft:
    Christine Michael is an EXPLOSIVE 220 lbs Running Back .... my favorite pick though is Jesse Williams, the guy is uber strong and will help shore up our run game. Our 3rd round pick(Jordan Hill), has very good quickness when he's designated to rush the passer. I wonder if Spencer Ware could eventually turn into an H-back(Joker) tight end? He's being talk about as being a Fullback, he's a good blocker, and has very good hands. Love the draft, GO HAWKS!!!
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  • the bcl wrote...
    undrafted pick ups
    FS James Brindley Utah State 5-10 196lbs-- CB Marcus Brown Arkansas St. 6-1 195lbs-- T Kyle Burkhart Southern Miss 6-4 293lbs-- C/G Jeff Byers USC 6-3 301lbs-- LB Reggie Carter UCLA 6-0 238lbs-- TE Patrick Devenny Colorado 6-3 239lbs-- LB Kevin Dixon Troy 6-2 257lbs-- DT DeMarcus Granger Oklahoma 6-2 332lbs-- WR Quinton Hancock Tennessee 6-2 211lbs-- FS Will Harris USC 6-0 204lbs-- C Adrian Martinez Colorado St. 6-3 317lbs-- LB Joe Pawelek Baylor 6-2 237lbs-- T Jacob Phillips Belhaven (Miss.)6-6 299lbs-- CB Josh Pinkard USC 6-1 214lbs-- DE Rob Rose Ohio State 6-4 294lbs--
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  • Transplantfan wrote...
    Old info
    Apparently your link was from a report in April 2010. But I hope we have just as many LB free agents this year as well.
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  • CougHawk wrote...
    I thought last years draft was a waste and it turned out to be a homerun. This year I have the same first impression. Only Williams does much for me. Hopefully the result is close to 2012. However, I thnk 3 yrs from now little will be left from this class.
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  • Truhawk wrote...
    Seriously, CougHawk?
    If little is left in 3 years from this class, it will be because the Hawks keep pouring in talented players like in this class! We don't have a WR on our roster as strong and physical as Harper, which increases his value on special teams, and Hill gives us a penetrating DT in pass rushing situations, adding needed depth. Michael has amazing potential, a super gifted, freakishly strong athlete, and we all know RB's don't last long and often are injured. Who could we have taken that would beat out any of our starters?
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  • GoDogGo wrote...
    Draft raters are scared to hate the Seahawks pick
    I was half expecting some of the draft raters on the Internet to give the Seahawks a low draft grade, but they are bending over backwards giving the team the benefit of the doubt. Does it have anything to do with how much egg they had to clean from their collective faces after scoring last year's draft so poorly? Nah.
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  • Jules of Orcas wrote...
    Seahawk Draft Picks
    Ten picks and NO linebackers to replace Leroy Hill??? OK, guys, I am gonna give ya the benefit of the doubt and go with who ya got.
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    Gone are the days
    Gone are the days when fans would protest vehemently against their own personal concepts of "conventional wisdom", and indict those who pick players as being out of touch with the team's personnel needs. I have heard the phrase "competition" floating around nearly every team which has the long upward climb to a 500 record. Competiton is obviously what the game is all about but has become more than a mantra for most. So with great anticipation for the upcoming season, I am very comfortable knowing the difference between a TV watcher like myself, and life-long professionals like Pete Carroll and John Schneider-go Hawks. I think they will get another A this year.
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  • Stevil wrote...
    This guy would likely have gone no later than the second round if hadn't needed surgery. I still can't believe he slipped to the fifth round, but this is one of the DT's that I really wanted the Hawks to land, so needless to say, I'm pleased.
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  • bigbertha wrote...
    anybody remember who we are?
    We are the Seattle Seahawks.we picked up on the free agency where we couldnt in the draft. So all in all i think we came out on top of it all. Even if none of the draft picks prove any good for us we still have a dominant team.
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  • Hawkman wrote...
    Danny O
    Must say.. I am glad your on the MYNW team. Love your columns. Go Hawks!!
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  • Toughact52 wrote...
    All Eyes Are On The NFCW'S Teams Potential .....
    To make the Playoff's this coming season. Is that even possible? 3 teams from the same Division making the playoff's? From what I was hearing, it seemed that most experts think that the NFCW teams had the best Overall draft prospects than any other NFC Division team. The Polish rifle, AKA, Ron G, Herm E,Mel K & T. Mcshay ALL like the West's draft selections. Reason Why? They know talent when they see it. The SEC lead ALL Conference's w/ 63 selections, 8 more than any other confer.The WEST had 13 of thoes selections lead by the 9er's w/ 4, & everybody else w/ 3. All Defensive players. The 9er's Seahawks & Packers had the most selections w/ 11, It's no coincidence that tha all three fanchise's reached the Divisional Playoff's last year. It's not out of the question of the Rams winning 8 or 9 games,49er's 12 or 13 & us @ 12 or 13. IMO, whoever wins the Division & can win half their Road games, has the BEST shot at reaching the SB this year. Last year I thought the better Offense would win the West, The same holds true this season. I like our chances! ALL IN?....
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