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Seahawks add nine undrafted free agents
John Schneider and Pete Carroll had a hard time convincing rookie free agents to sign with the Seahawks, a reflection of the strength of Seattle's roster and the difficulty those players will have to even make the team, let alone make an impact.
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  • MrBrainwash wrote...
    isnt ty powell a line backer?
    Just saying
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  • bhenderson wrote...
    Ty Powell is listed as a linebacker, but he was a defensive end in college and projects as a Leo. There is some interchangeability between the Leo and the strong-side linebacker in Seattle's defense, but he'll be used mostly as a Leo. -Brady Henderson
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  • Truhawk wrote...
    Mr. Brainwash
    Go to the head of the class! Although in Brady's defense, Powell played DE at Harding last year, 12 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks, and blocked 4 kicks. I have read more than one statement that he projects as either right DE or Leo in Seattle's scheme. Another guy with skills at penetrating the line of scrimmage sounds good to me! Like Pete said, you can never have enough of them!
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    ...along with running backs and defensive backs have to "run all out" on nearly every play both in ractice and in games. So if I know that, how much moreso the braintrust as they try to keep these players fresh and able to go fullspeed.
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