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Making sense of some puzzling Seahawks picks
For weeks -- maybe even months -- before the draft, we never talked about a Seahawks' need at running back. Yet they drafted two of them, including one with a second-round pick.
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  • Big Zipper wrote...
    I love it
    1) Lynch - back issues, dui, etc. If he misses a game, do you want to put your superbowl run all on Turbin? 2) If you don't have to draft for need. Then take a risk, and draft the freak athlete. If 40% "freaks" make the team, then you upgraded. 3) USC mantra, get bigger, stronger, faster guys. I didn't love Bruce Irvin as a pick, but he was freakish at the combine. Just like Christine. 4) Look at the formula, find guys that had tragectory to be high draft picks after soph jr season, but then had injuries or suspensions there sr year. Hoping they get healthy, they are steals. Ago if 40% hit... you upgraded. 5) Find guys out of position... try something new. If it works...
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  • Big Zipper wrote...
    just watched the highlights of Ware
    wow. I think Turbin may be third or fourth string this year...
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    To have a GM/Coach that we don't have to worry about crapping the bed come draft time like the M's and the Sonics old regime. Would I have made all of these picks? Probably not, but PC and John have proven everyone wrong the last few years so who am I to doubt them. Go Hawks.
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  • neurocell wrote...
    This post seemed a bit schizophrenic.
    Jim, I know that you usually have a lot of "tongue in cheek" in your posts, but you seemed to jump around more than usual. I know that people think of schizophrenia as multiple personality disorder, but it deals with a non-sensical thought process. Which this post exemplified. It just seemed that you threw several non-connected thoughts together, kinda explained some, went into detail on a few, and ignored others. It was as if you just wanted to get this post over with. Similar to Michael Crichton's "Congo". If you'd made it into three plus posts, it would've been much better. Loved how you gave props to Kip Earlywine. He mocked Michael to the Hawks with the 56th pick, and Rob Staton mocked Jesse Williams. Both players were acquired with the picks that the Hawks received for trading the 56th pick. As Kip said, "Mind. Blown." Have a good one.
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