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Seahawks get strong draft grades from NFL analysts
Post-draft grades from NFL analysts are positive for the Seahawks, even though they had to wait until the last pick of the second round to make their first selection.
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  • Richardfg7 wrote...
    About time.
    They took a team that was painful to watch and turned them into a Superbowl favorite in three years.Ya, I'd say they know what they're doing.
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  • rstandley wrote...
    draft grades
    you really cannot put much stock in draft grades. many of the best players in the league are late rounders or not even drafted. gives them motivation I guess. but talent is not the only thing needed to be successful. too many players don't have "heart" the will to succeed. look at Wilson "hes too small" but he has the will and desire "heart" and he succeeded and will continue to do so because of it. I don't care where your drafted play baby and just win!!! go hawks!!!
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  • Big Zipper wrote...
    Last year...
    Last year we hawks got mostly C grades right? A year later, they regraded the draft and gave the hawks an A. We'll know in about 6 months if this was a good draft.
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