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What we learned from the Seahawks' 2013 draft
Three things we learned and three things we're still trying to figure out after the Seahawks added 11 players in the 2013 draft.
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  • seattlenative57 wrote...
    Lynch may face suspension
    Don't forget Beast Mode has not completed his DUI litigation from the past year. When the legal proceedings finish, he may face a suspension from the NFL given he has been disciplined in the past for unrelated but similar transgressions. This might require a replacement running back for at least 4 games.
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  • egTman wrote...
    No He's Not
    There has been no further action regarding his DUI, if he was going to be suspended, it would have happened last season. And secondly, Turbin would start ahead of the rookie in Beast's absence...
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  • Big Zipper wrote...
    Don't bank on turbin beating out christine
    Flynn was 6.5 million a year and was beat by a 5 10 rookie... BTW, Turbin is big and strong, but he's not going to win you a game.
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  • fisher wrote...
    Mr. O'Neil
    I really enjoy your commentary.
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  • Oh no I didn't wrote...
    what I learned
    Who are these guys? Never heard of any of these rookies. John passed on some big names when he drafted down. Still had some on the board, but went with less know guys for the average college football fan. This team is solid at starters. Backups and special teams will be competitive. Seems like when you're good, it just snowballs. When your bad it's a landslide. Riddle me this someone. Is it John's draft magic? Or Pete's golden touch? You put the average guy on Pete's table and he'll milk the best out of them, like all great coaches do.
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  • Derrol_o wrote...
    Pete and John
    are both good talent evaluators. John made his mark in Green Bay while Pete (love him or hate him as a coach) has always been regarded as a top talent evaluator, going all the way back to his stint with the Patriots in the late '90s. Put the two together and the whole exceeds the sum of the parts. A lot of the credit for the guys the Hawks have brought in the last few years goes out to Pete because both he and John have equal say in personnel decisions and both seem to work well together, both have similar ideas and philosophies on how to build a winning team and they have a kind of synergy going on. They will continue to get criticized and panned for the type of moves they make by the pundits and even by a lot of Seahawk fans who should know better by now. There's still a strange perception by a lot of people that these guys don't know what the heck they're doing. All I do is look at the team they've put together and see it's pretty obvious that they do.
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  • Daddy Love wrote...
    Good draft
    They received at least one F on last year's draft, and look what happened. Too-small Russell Wilson is the NFL's best rookie QB, Riichard Sherman is an All-pro, Bobby Wagner is all but Defensive ROTY, Bruce Irvin leads all rookies in sacks... I just saw a clip where they graded 49ers A and Seattle C. I don't believe it. And after we've bludgeoned them senseless in Week 2, we should revisit that assessment.
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  • Seasick wrote...
    J Williams
    Williams is the pick that most excites me. He was a possible first round talent that fell to the hawks in rd 5. He was the steal of the draft for us, if not the draft itself. He's going to be a major contributor to the defense if his knee is healthy. I can see this guy destroying o lines. If anyone in this class ends up as a starter my pick is Williams.
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  • Hawkman wrote...
    I am most excited about ..
    Spencer Ware, looking at his tape, looks to be very exciting player. Six rounder, but this guy has a motor. Go Hawks!!
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  • Seasick wrote...
    depth and possible replacements
    He's a good pick too. Possible FB there. What I see overall from this draft are guys who will be good depth in case of injuries and possible replacements in a few years at RB, FB, CB and interior DL. That's how perennial contenders are built. Overall a good draft on rounds 2-5. I think time will show the past two drafts put us over the top fot the upcoming payoff runs over the next decade.
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  • rstandley wrote...
    hawks front office
    I love their moves, hard to predict. how productive has conventional wisdom been with regard to the draft. look at all the first and second round misses made by teams using conventional wisdom. they seem to have a clear vision of the talent and where and when to get it. where in the draft could they have gotten a percy harvin... nowhere. smart management. and look at their undrafted free agent signings. a solid group 2 of whom are listed on the top 20 of the undrafted free agents list. keep it going hawks!!!
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  • KZMike wrote...
    Back-Up QB
    In all the talk leading up to and subsequent to the draft. . . I've seen virtually nothing on who will Back Up #3 ?????
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  • red_scare wrote...
    Danny O'Neil - welcome
    Glad to see you're writing for 710 ESPN now. Since the Seattle Times has gone pay-per-view, I was going to miss your reporting. The Times is asking ink-and-paper prices for online content, but almost everything else on the internet is free. There's a serious flaw in that business model. I used to read the Times online for years after I left Seattle, but who can afford a second, non-local newspaper subscription? I like the paper, I just can't justify paying so much to read it online. Best of luck to them. Welcome, Danny. I'm looking forward to reading your coverage here this season.
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