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NBA votes down Sacramento Kings move to Seattle
A committee of NBA owners has voted unanimously to deny the relocation of the Sacramento Kings to Seattle, seemingly dashing the hopes of investor Chris Hansen and an entire region.
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  • SeattleJack wrote...
    A decent society doesn't hijack another city's team for selfish gain.
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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    Can you say BOYCOTT?
    The only way to "hurt" the NBA is to boycott watching the playoffs in this market.

    No other way to squeak the wheel louder!

    Go for a walk, watch another channel (any channel), read a book, listen to MP3s, mow the grass, clean the garage, wash the cars, clean out a sewage plant, or if desperate, watch the Mariners lose!

    What ever it takes to avoid watching the NBA.

    Until Stern leaves next year, do what ever it takes to avoid bumping up the ratings of the NBA.

    St(ubbernass)ern is stuck on stupid. He and B(uttass)ennett have no interest in granting Seattle a team.

    Wait until they are gone.

    In the mean time, hit them where they hurt; in the ratings for this market!

    If you think they have little or no influence over the relocation committee, you are, ahem, ignorant! Sorry for that...

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  • sfk360 wrote...
    soo purlitev
    I agree, I won't be watching them anymore. Heck I doubt it even huts them that much since they were wiling to leave here but I have no reason to watch them anyways.
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  • TonyS wrote...
    Money talks...
    The bottom line is... where's the money? Up to this point Kevin Johnson is only talking- no money so far! When it comes to money, Vivek, the Indian investor, won't be that easy to match what is at stake! Remember, you hear it here first.
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  • heyjim55 wrote...
    Something to look into
    While they are smiling maybe someone should look into possible White House meddling lets not forget that Kevin Johnson is good friends with the Obama's. The last time someone tried to mess with Johnson ( a federal inspector general) concluded that fraud was committed by Johnson , the Obama's fired the inspector and accused him of mental illness. Johnson used over 800,000 dollars of federal money on personal use and got away with it. I would not rule out that most of those owners may have gotten a call from the White House and who knows what kind of threat was used to vote in favor of Johnson.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    First off...
    The NBA hasn't voted to deny the move. They have unanimously voted to RECOMMEND the team not be moved. The vote to seal the deal isn't set until mid May. I doubt Chris Hansen is finished with this ridiculous circus that Stern and Bennett have helped along.
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  • CluelessMariners wrote...
    Screw the NBA
    Well, as a longtime die-hard Sonics fan....this was it for me. Say what you want, but I am COMPLETELY done with the NBA. I was SO pumped for this to happen, but I will not allow the NBA to rip my heart out again and again.....especially after the unbelievable deal Hanson put together. I'm done, finished, forever. I will always treasure my Sonics memories, but I'm not supporting the league in any way, shape, or form ever again. EVER. My only hope now is that maybe Chris Hansen will buy the Mariners and turn the M's into a winner....but eff NBA Yeah, Sac kept their team, but lets face's still SACRAMENTO!! One of the worst cities in the country. I'd rather live in Seattle with the M's, Seahawks, Sounders, etc ANY DAY. Also, I can't wait to watch the Sac arena deal completely collapse and bury that crappy city. They sold their soul for that arena, and I doubt it'll ever get built. Way too many road blocks and lack of funds to ever break ground. Since it seems like Seattle will never get a team, Steve Ballmer and the Maloofs should spend a massive amount of money to sue the NBA.....just absolutely destroy Stern in Public and make him pay....literally and figuratively
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  • PaCartwright wrote...
    Chris Hansen
    could turn his arena into a 10,000 lane bowling alley.
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  • iapproveofthismessage wrote...
    The real winners are the Maloof's...
    In fact, it appears to be a very well orchestrated grift. When somebody comes passionately banging on your door with money falling out of their pockets (and deeper pockets as back-up), and you happen to be in need, what do you do? You take it, on terms that you don't control, with a non-refund clause. Then you sit back and watch your asset grow in value, then when the real decision makers pull the trigger, you quietly smile, download some free Microsoft software, and stop by Nordstroms on the way to the bank.
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  • Quindt21 wrote...
    We lost to a non-binding contract
    All this talk and nobody is pointing out the obvious. You don't have actual investors yet to buy the team.... throwing names out there with no actual money to back it. they didn't even buy the 7% for 15 million. The so called Arena deal is not going to happen. you don't own the land and it will take at least 2 years before you even have a plan in place. SAC can not afford to do everything they are talking about. Also do you really think Clay Bennett wanted this deal? he ownes the rights currently to the Seattle Sonics Name. He made a lot of money off this just because people were buying Sonics gear. And guess what if the deal fails he keeps the name and continues to make money for both Sonics and Thunder naming rights.
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