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Draft means competition for some Seahawks veterans
Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby discuss some Seahawks who appear to be on the spot based on the positions the team addressed in the draft.
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  • JohnnyBG wrote...
    More passing
    Don't remember if it was Carroll or Bevell, but after they got Harvin one of them said they would be passing the ball more.
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Shaun O'Hara
    I was listening to Shaun O'Hara from the NFL Network. He was talking about the addition of Percy Harvin. He said that teams will be less likely to put a safety in the box. Because of Harvin's prescence. This should help to open up the run game.
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  • dragonmeteor wrote...
    when we score almost every drive, there will be more plays that we will be able to run. I don't think we will need a punter this year lol
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  • egTman wrote...
    Not more, the same passing
    They've always said from day one, they want to be balanced between run and pass. We run play action off the rushing game, I've heard nothing that would change that approach...
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