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Kyle Seager leapfrogs M's more highly-touted hopefuls
After a slow start, Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager has returned to the form of his stellar 2012 season.
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  • SandlotSam wrote...
    So True
    While the other 3 seem to be more like a baseball soap opera Seager has been steadily building his MLB credentials.
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  • John Stringer wrote...
    Micheal Saunders?
    IMO Saunders should be on the top part of the list..
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  • Pete in Seattle wrote...
    Playing to stay vs playing to win
    One of the side effects of the 80-man roster the M's use is that players may be playing to stay in the majors rather than helping the team to win. That is to say many of them may be trying to do the things a coach asks, getting "good at bats" rather than hits. You become a bona fide major leaguer when the coach tells you to lay off the first pitch but when you see it come in fat you swing anyway. Or you are working on hitting up the middle rather than pulling the ball, but when the infield cheats with a runner on you pull it anyway because that is where the hole is. The only exception I would make is someone who hits the ball hard but can't get it to drop in for a few games. One other factor is the revolving door may have resulted in some players being out of options so a better player might be in Tacoma only because they can't send the guy in the bigs down without waivers.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    One has to concur between hitting by the book....
    ...against hitting it regardless. Given the youth of the Ms, some are finding out that swinging away, like Seager and MSaunders, is just as good as what the coaches try to tell. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Know that Wedge & crew will accept any way to win, but the most consistent way is preferred. And then, you can define "consistent" in the baseball dictionary.
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  • Eta Huinya wrote...
    Mariner player development strategy
    1. Acquire highly touted prospect. 2. Start high pressure ad campaign touting how prospect is next big thing and teams savior 5 minutes after acquisition. 3. Promote prospect to majors in a panicked rush before player is ready. 4. Freak out when highly touted prospect does not immediately produce as desired. 5. Put added pressure on prospect to figure things out immediately or else. 6. Trade prospect to another team for a burned out, over the hill veteran. 7. Lament how the veteran isn't producing. 8. Wonder why every prospect sucks until they get traded away.
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  • The Live Chicken wrote...
    Steps 1, 2, and 3 are true, except I would omit "panicked" from the description of 3. Steps 4, 5, 7 are closer to something the media and fans do, not the organization. I don't recall the current organization ever doing step 6, thus nullifying step 8. Pretty funny, though.
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  • Eta Huinya wrote...
    The fans and media have been in panic mode since the day one; and if we are honest with ourselves we can see that Jack Z is starting to make panicky decisions. This team has a seemingly disinterested owner which means this team is basically rudderless.
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  • Kimby wrote...
    Media getting to pessimistic.
    Why is it that all the media coverage of the Mariners always questions when will this end? Its like they're telling the fans now that the glass is half empty now, so drink up it will soon be over. I'm not impressed with this kind of characterization, dashing the hopes and rally crys of mariner faithfull everywhere. Shame on You!!
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