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Chris Hansen increases Kings bid by $75 million
Five days ahead of an NBA meeting to decide the future of the Sacramento Kings, Seattle investor Chris Hansen says he has increased his bid by $75 million.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    It's not just a coming Court Fight.....'s the size of the Court Fight. And the NBA doesn't want the lawyers in there, but they're making it a foregone conclusion. Some industries really, really thrive in sports (LOL). See you 'courtside.'
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  • Junior #24 wrote...
    Let's annoy Stern and other Owners
    Hansen's group could offer $1 billion and Stern and his massive ego and little grapefruits will still try to block the deal. I think Hansen should pull his offer and take $50 million and buy massive amt of advertising on all NBA playoffs games making fun of Stern and how corrupt the NBA is. Yes, would piss off all NBA executives and leadership but if we aren't going to get a team back lets make it as painful and annoying as we can for the remainder of Stern's dictatorship.
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  • Jarhead0228 wrote...
    This is ridiculous!
    No team, absolutely no team, especially the Kings are worth over $500 million much less the $625 that CH is now offering! He needs a $150 to $200 million dollar loan to build an arena? Screw him build the dam thing himself! Where was this savior when Schultz was first the team and sold it to Bennett? The city of Seattle, King County, the State of Washington are going to be the losers in this fiasco. And for those cheering on Hansen just wait. When attendance and money is not flowing he will stick it to us fans like a pig on a stick! GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!
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  • hahanson wrote...
    once the Seattle group owns the team...
    I really don't see the NBA being able to block a move. They've never been able to do it before, other than actually buying the team to prevent its relocation, which is out of the question here as it's already been "sold". KJ and his ownership group can cackle all they want, but there's a binding sales agreement already in place.
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  • MainEvent wrote...
    It's sad how many ignorant people there are commenting on this. Get your facts right before posting. Go Sonics!
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  • dexterjibs wrote...
    I was cheering for Sacramento
    to stick it in the eye of the Seattle sports scene. But now, after this move, I am now cheering for Chris Hansen. He is in it to win it and playing hard ball. This is gonna be fun to watch.
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  • iapproveofthismessage wrote...
    ...and the winners are the Maloof Bro's!
    at this rate, they're enjoying about a $25M/wk appreciation since the beginning of this debacle! Wow!!!
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  • ron prevost wrote...
    Here's the thought - Hanson DOES byt the Kings, plays 2013-14 in Sacremento, they can't really put an arena plan together, and THEN....
    re-applies to move to Seattle. And THEN the NBA approves the move. ... 365 days late, a lot od dollars gone, but - HEY - those of you who want the HBA get it.
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  • Frogsplash wrote...
    I don't think he will go that route
    If for some reason the NBA does approve the sale, he will just pull an Al Davis and move, and make the NBA try to stop him. Precedent has already been set. I still don't think the NBA will approve the sale though. The only out I see if the NBA wants to keep this out of the courts is to offer Hansen expansion. I have a feeling this is going to drag out for some time before there is a definitive answer unfortunately. I would dearly love to see Stern wind up in the courts having to testify.
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  • Sean wrote...
    Holy c.r.a.p!
    Mr. Hansen may well have caught the attention of a certain Milwaukee Bucks owner, throwing figures around like that.... But this Sacramento soap opera is far from over and will be QUITE interesting to watch. Talk about people who live in another world....
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  • wsshirling wrote...
    I will say this...
    If this counter-offer bothers/aggravates David Stern, then I'm happy. Chris Hansen... if you get the team, I will go to a game in the first season.. buy the expensive beer and food.. maybe even a hat.. just to pay my share of the $75 million.
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