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NBA votes to keep Kings in Sacramento
NBA owners have voted down investor Chris Hansen's effort to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle.
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  • bigbertha wrote...
    we need update on this. im believing we are going to get screwed again. but who knows? what chris hansen put on the table might just be enough.they say expansion is not an option that there is not enough superstar players to go around. they need to do more scouting there are lots of young players out there that are waiting for their break in the NBA.
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  • wsshirling wrote...
    Inspector 12... there aren't enough players who are skilled enough to play the type of ball the NBA currently plays. It is less team ball and more street ball with a lot of single player action. This isn't college where a school like Butler can have 5 good (but no superstars) and make it to the final 4. If you don't have a Lebron and a great #2 with him, you are fighting for the 8th playoff spot and a quick exit to summer vacation. The other problem is you have too many less than fully developed players who do their one year in college and then run to the money. No one knows these players once they land on the team... the player rarely becomes part of that community... and most of them at best only moderately fill in a spot and last a couple years until the next kid joins the team. Expansion only makes that problem worse. In the 2012 nba draft, kentucky had 6 players go in the first or second round... including the first two players taken overall. Only one played enough to get to double figures in scoring (13) and the rest did very little for their team. (2 to 6 points per game) A REAL first round pick should be a player so strong that he will contribute greatly in that first season. It's not because the teams they are joining are so good... it's because those kids aren't ready to play in the nba yet.
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  • Driesel206 wrote...
    I don't agree
    with any of the comments about the NBA is not as good as it once was. We are coming into another golden age with a lot of good quality young stars. The "thug-life" attitude is gone, have you seen Dwayne Wade's Outfits, that ain't thug. The game has changed dramatically since the 2000's when the basketball was pretty terrible. There is less isolation plays and a lot more movement of the ball. check out a few articles on Grantland if you don't believe me. I agree that in order to win a championship you need a star and a number 2 but that I think is a result of having to beat a team 4 games out of 7. The playoffs are designed so that really no upsets happen. The NBA is a lot better than it was a few years ago.
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  • ContemptB4Investigation wrote...
    Please don't bring (back) another Pro sports failure to the Seattle area. This market stinks and its a black hole for the word "WIN" in sports. It doesn't matter who or what team you bring here...they will most assuredly SUCK!
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  • Derrol_o wrote...
    Suck, you mean suck as in the Seahawks? In actual reality, it has sucked, yes. It's been a long run of bad teams here. But the Seahawks are proving that the past doesn't dictate the future.
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  • Sean wrote...
    I would bet you a paycheck...
    that "dilution of talent" is nowhere near the top of the NBA ownera' list of concerns. PLEAAAASE!
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  • Zoeller wrote...
    I believe-
    Seattle is going to get screwed again.
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  • Nardi Contreras wrote...
    wasn't there a vote last week?
    and the week before that, and the week before that? and the week before that? Maybe they should have a live 3 hour ESPN vote and call it "THE DECISION". F the NBA.
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  • captpuget wrote...
    "This isn't a democratic process. These aren't elected officials. They're not beholden to votes and voters. This is a business - the NBA - like any other business," said McCann. An excellent example of doublespeak. If, in fact, the NBA WERE like any other business, the Maloofs would not need permission to sell their team.
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  • Sean wrote...
    And they'd have to operate...
    within the limits of their own revenues.
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  • TSeattle wrote...
    Shouldn't be a shock to anyone...
    Sacramento met the NBA's requirements for keeping the team. They weren't interested in ripping a team from one city to hand over to another just because that other city wanted one. I'd like to see an NBA team here in Seattle again, but playing hard-ball against a city that clearly wanted to keep their team is bad business.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Sports nuts are not good at Math.
    They can't balance a check book. The Mariners are the perfect example of why you don't need another pro sports team in seattle. Mariners State of the art stadium with a turd in the center payed for by the hard working tax paying public. Its only my hope after this that people start turning off thier TVs when it comes to pro Sports they are vomit to the hard working citizens. Start Voting that Mayor out of office. What is he doing pandering to anybody that wants a stadium. At tax payers exspense. GONE!
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  • Super Fan wrote...
    SOS diferent day
    Stern and his weasel buddy Bennett stick it to us again.
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  • Saltchucker wrote...
    No free market value in the NBA?
    Time to say bye-bye to your anti-trust exemption then.
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  • Frogsplash wrote...
    They don't have an exemption
    Only MLB does.
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  • Saltchucker wrote...
    Really? How interesting.
    Time to file some anti-trust lawsuits then.
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