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NBA votes to keep Kings in Sacramento
NBA owners have voted down investor Chris Hansen's effort to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle.
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  • Chuck Gould wrote...
    The Sacramattle Sonikings?
    So maybe Hansen buys the Kings, and can't move them from Sac. Maybe he goes ahead and takes the $200 million from local taxpayers (because he essentially gets to pay all of his taxes into his own pocket) and builds his Seattle arena anyway. Maybe he plays half of his "home" games in Sacramento, and the other half of his "home" games in Seattle.

    Probably bring in as big a gate, overall, in each city. There are so darn many NBA games in a season that at $100 a game for a reasonable seat it gets expensive to shell out for two or more seats for a season. Season tickets in each town would be half price, and volume would go up as a result.

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  • Derrol_o wrote...
    Ticket prices
    As expensive as the tickets are, they are still selling out arenas when the teams are competitive.
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  • SMOA wrote...
    Dont come crying
    I hope HBN told the NBA not to come crying when the Sacramento Arena deal falls through. Makes me almost not want an NBA team.
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  • Orange Boxster wrote...
    Its Rigged!
    This whole process is a joke. Period! Clay Bennett's conflict of interest being on the relocation committee. The extended time given to Sacramento beyond the board of governors meeting. The dismissal of Seattle ownership group which potentially is the strongest in the league. Lastly, Stern, the low life pompous arse who has a hate on for Seattle for what ever reason. Listening to Stern at the post vote presser made me absolutely sick to my stomach. There was an agenda on behalf of Stern that I simply don't understand. David Stern, Mr. unprofessional, I hope you did not have to miss your OKC game over such a trivial decision as relocation! I welcome Mr. Silver who appears to be professional without vendetta against Seattle. The Seattle ownership group deserves better and thank you Mr Hansen for all that you have done for our city!
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  • DJ Allyn wrote...
    To Hell With the NBA
    I am not all that convinced that once the shine wore off of a retreat Sonics team, that the Seattle fan base wouldn't just fade away again. We don't have a great track record of being that loyal to our teams, otherwise we wouldn't have let the previous team leave. We only miss things when they are gone, and take them granted while they are here. Look at the Mariners right now. Notice how they aren't exactly filling seats right now? Sure, if they were winning and are in line for a title, we are all over them, but right now -- not so much. A return of the NBA to Seattle would have been the same thing. While new and flashy, it would be an attraction. Five years from now, it would be taken for granted.
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  • Yadda1 wrote...
    So mayor johnson is promising
    a new, taxpayer funded stadium. Funny, I haven't heard anything about a successful vote of the people of Sacramento on this issue!
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  • kcandjc00 wrote...
    You can now remove Mr Stern's unit from your mouth
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  • seattlesux wrote...
    Don't be such a hater.
    You guys will get a team, for sure. Chris Hansen learned a lot through this process. The most important thing he learned, it's not all about money. Don't forget!! Hansen bought 7% of the Kings through a bankrupcy. If he is smart, and he is, he will keep that and take the next year or 2 two get to know the NBA key players and understand the process. Vivek did that via the Warriors and look what happened. You guys will get a team for sure, you deserve one, the NBA owes you one, and I for one look forward to flying up to your new arena to watch the Kings play the Sonics. #don'tgiveupthefight
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  • jstumbo wrote...
    Has this purchase been approved by the NBA?
    If they approve him buying 7%, and say he is a good enough person to be a part owner, how can they refuse to let the Maloofs sell him 20% of the team?
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  • flexnfx wrote...
    Maybe there's hope
    While Stern reveled in our demise...Commissioner to be seemed genuinly interested in Expansion to Seattle. My gut says Silver may want to start his reign fixing this.
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  • Newton wrote...
    I can hear Scaramento screaming.
    Ouch! Its going to be painfull.
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  • Excelcius wrote...
    The Mafia ....
    The NBA is the mafia and Hansen should sue the heck out of them. The basis of his lawsuit can include "conflict of interest" in the facts that Clay Bennett (who stole the Sonics from seattle in the 1st place), was the head of the relocation board of governors. Also, that David Stern brokered behind the scene deals with the Sacramento group to undermine the Seattle bid and extort the city of Sacramento into paying more and giving up all shared revenues. Chris Hansen should start a rival pro hoops league to undermine the NBA so they are forced to either fold or offer expansion. The new league or then expanded league would have a constitution with some basic principles like: no extreme greed, no extortion of fans/cities, nothing done that might present a conflict of interest, etc.
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  • jeremy0007 wrote...
    outdated arguments.
    I think sometimes things are said so often for so long we just can bring ourselves to believe anything else. I don't agree with two arguments that I think were at some point valid: 1. It's a thug league. 5-7 years ago. I totally agree, it was getting out of hand. Especially with the influx of talented high schoolers coming in. (in my opinion) People who just didn't know how to handle the spotlight/manhood/instant fortune Plus you're just going to have some selfish people in pro sports, it comes with the territory. But now with the new 1 year out of high school rule (which I'd would rather see be like the NFL model, to encourage kids to stay in school, and discourage the Kentucky mentality.), you weed a little bit of that out. The league has stars with character such as Lebron (ego aside), Durant, Paul, and Griffin. Guys who don't have criminal records, who don't play selfish. That was just a couple of names. The game has changed a bit, admittedly, but that has just as much to do with coaching styles and trends as it does with the players. 2. The league will be diluted by expansion. That is ridiculous! You're telling me that if the league had 32 teams, it couldn't find 64 players from around the globe every year, while the NFL has no problem filling 53 man rosters with mainly domestic players?! No way! Don't buy it! Besides Soccer, the NBA is up there with MLB in being able to find domestic and international talent. Plus take a look at the last few years, where have mid-level players been going? Overseas! Can't hack it here, go there. And still the NBA finds new players to replace them, and is able to grow new stars. I think the talent pool 'problem' has more to do with the individual markets, not the league. We just see the result more clearly because of the roster sizes. Individuals make a bigger impact in basketball, than they do in other sports. All that to say this: Yes I want the NBA back, it's a great product (David Stern aside). And no, one or two more teams won't destroy the league. The right thing to do would've been to leave the meetings today, with two organizations on track to play ball next year.
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