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NBA votes to keep Kings in Sacramento
NBA owners have voted down investor Chris Hansen's effort to move the Sacramento Kings to Seattle.
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  • LancerVI wrote...
    Let it end.
    As a Seattle fan, can someone please explain to me why we should even care now? Fool me once on you. Fool me Twice? Where's our pride? Our dignity? They played us...again. I will not beg the NBA to come up here so that I can pay my money for their product while they pit cities and fans against each other for public dollars? I loved the Sonics, but all things that begin, must end. I will never, EVER be an NBA fan again. Ever. Time to learn about hockey and become a fan of that league and watch college for my b-ball fix.
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  • EnglishRacer wrote...
    The real issue
    "...They really put together a strong counter proposal and an arena deal that's clearly attractive to the NBA." Arena deal is the key phrase. Stern is probably to cagey to mention this but a low level legal analyst did. The NBA wants the public treasure to support their business and they are using half wit slobbering pro sports fans as political leverage.
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  • Cbrew wrote...
    Stern really is a small bitter crooked man
    He really is, jut a little B.I.T.C.H. ...there's no redeeming quality to that putz. He is a spiteful old nobody that needs to retire and I hope his legacy is ruined. He decided to keep Seattle from getting an NBA team before there ever was a vote, he extended deadlines to make sure Sacramento had time to come up with their B-S bar napkin offer that will either bankrupt Sacramento or get shot down by their voters eventually. I hope to watch it all go to heck. What a trite pompous little loser.
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  • seattlesux wrote...
    Sore loser...
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  • Chuck Gould wrote...
    Time to move on. No Bball, at least not for now.
    It would have been nice to have the NBA back in Seattle, but not so nice to sell $200-million in general obligation bonds to build a facility for this private enterprise. Even *if* all the taxes the owners eventually paid were imagined to be some form of "repayment" of the $200-million, it's still not right for the government to pick winners and losers in the business world and hand out cash to the folks government wants to see as winners.

    Let's get behind the teams we have, maybe pressuring some of the owners who are already in Seattle to invest in some first class talent and coaching. Just because it rains a lot up here, we don't have to be the doormat for so many sports. Go Seahawks, Go M's, Go Sounders, Go Storm.

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  • jstumbo wrote...
    They do it all the time...
    They give tax breaks to companies all the time to get them to either stay or relocate. A tax break is just like giving a company cash.
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  • Hawkman wrote...
    Stern is an idiot.
    and I for one hope the Maloffs sue the NBA. It cost them a lot of money, and it does open the door for this situation. And it not the end David Stern.
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