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Bowden: Nick Franklin call-up will help M's offense
With shortstops Brendan Ryan and Robert Andino both hitting under .200, ex-MLB gm Jim Bowden called for the Mariners to call up 22-year-old Nick Franklin.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Does Bowden have any great ideas.....
    ...for catcher, other than a send-down as well? Montero really, really, should be learning and doing in AAA right now. Shoppach can do everyday, and another back-up can be found elsewhere. You give it some thought, and it makes sense. In the best way.
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  • El Duderino wrote...
    Wish in one hand and, well, do something in the other
    Doesn't matter when 7 out of 9 guys in the lineup every night would be AAA or bench players for teams like the Yankees, Tigers, Nationals, or Braves. Still a long way to go Jack.
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  • seattle sports fan 13 wrote...
    Time to fire jack
    Move jack back to being a scout. He can see talent but hes to scared to make moves. Lets keep bad players, players who dont come to work day in and day out b/c thats how you win right? I mean thats what it must be like since thats exactly what jack is doing. Fire jack, heck see if okc wants this team too i know i dont
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  • Kimby wrote...
    Think I'd do something a little differently.
    Considering My has been chewing up the pitching at both NY and Cleveland, blazing for him ( 9-25 ). I'd like him to stay and keep working at improving his AB's, while adding stellar defense to the mariners arsenal. Montero after hitting .260 last year and struggling now more than earlier, needs to go figure it out somewhere, like TACOMA. And as much as I like Ackley, he is really showing signs of needing a makeover. I might catch a lot of flack for making this suggestion, but here goes. Franklin Gutierrez is a favorite of mine over the years, though he has turned into a bad investment for the Mariners, since he hardly able to play more than 25% of the season before getting hurt. Think it might be wise, since Saunders and Chavez can handily hold down CF, to package him and another player, go shopping for another catcher perhaps.
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  • Kimby wrote...
    Typo correction
    in my message above, replace the 'My' with 'Ryan'. oops....
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