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Trading Iwakuma could bolster Mariners' offense
Hisashi Iwakuma has been one of the best pitchers in baseball in 2013, but with a number of top prospects waiting in the wings, the Mariners best option might be to trade the Japanese export.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Classic Mariners.
    Trade a great player for a player that sucks. Ahh yes Mariners are so smart. Built to Suck for the Future!.
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  • Chasbo wrote...
    Trade Iwakuma
    Do the names Casper Wells, Charlie Furbush, Chance Ruffin and Francisco Martinez ring a bell. What player has Mr Seven Year plan brought in by way of trade done anything? Jack Z has gotten schooled on every trade he's made
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  • New Mariner wrote...
    Not enough Hits
    There is not enough hits in any player or players we could get for Iwakuma that would make up for the lack of pitching that the current rotation has shown. Can you imagine how many losses we would have if we didn't have Iwakuma and only Felix? What a dumb idea.
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  • Cle Elum Jules wrote...
    Trading Iwakuma
    So.....let me get this want to trade our second best pitcher......for what?? The problem with the M's right now is not hitting, it is the inability of the bottom three in the rotation to give quality starts. The hitting isn't great, but it is getting better, and will get even better once they send Ackley down and bring up Triunfel and Franklin. With the bottom three starters blowing games it is also burning up the bullpen which is gonna start a domino effect of failure for the pitching staff. Lastly, I don't have much confidence in Jack Z getting value from anyone if he trades Iwakuma. He got nothing for Fister, nothing for League, nothing for Brandon Morrow, he hasn't make an impact trade that has helped the M's since getting Guti for Putz.
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