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Chris Hansen says the effort to bring NBA back to Seattle is not over
Investor Chris Hansen says his efforts to bring the NBA back to Seattle "remain undeterred," despite his failed bid to buy the Sacramento Kings.
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  • Newton wrote...
    What bunch of Crap!.
    Ok first Sacramento is Broke like the rest of California. The people get to vote on an arena unlike Seattle who did not get to vote on a arena deal. The Sacramento would vote agianst the arena deal because they do not want thier taxes to go up. So it goes back to Seattle where Hansen and the Maloofs will have a new stadium with a crapy team just like the Mariners. How stupid are the people of Seattle City Council. They should all go to jail for this Scam.
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  • Rundee wrote...
    dont forget
    If we had the Kings, we would also have coach Phil Jackson I can't see Phil being OK with a crappy team so we wouldn't be the same as the crappy Mariners.
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  • fisher wrote...
    The NBA isn't coming back until,
    I-91 is voted out. And that is not going to happen.
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  • GoldFish wrote...
    not true
    we had a solid arena plan in place that was I-91 complacent. I don't see the point you are making. I predict that later this summer after the NBA begins its tv talks we will hear something more definitive as to a time line for relocation, it will happen eventually.
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  • fisher wrote...
    I-91 requires the city to make a profit. That goes against the NBA business plan. The major reason the NBA vetoed the move was CH was paying for the arena and it wasn't costing the city. The city would have likely made a profit in the long run. The NBA owners don't like that. They want all the profit and none of the risk. The NBA wants the cities to pay for most if not all of their venues. To set a precedent like Seattle did on the arena is contrary to the interests of the NBA.
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  • jhosford4 wrote...
    though they don't care if the city makes money or not. The issue was they didn't want to set a precedent for mostly privatly built arenas. They want cities to build arenas. See Ric Bucher's report on Sulia.
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  • Lonestar wrote...
    People are dying in Stockton
    Because the state of California would rather spend money on millionaire basketball players rather than police officers. That's the morality Gov. Moonbeam was taking about?
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  • seattlesux wrote...
    Hey Lonestar, the Sacramento arena has nothing to do with State monies nor does it have anything to do with Stockton...
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  • Dan1 wrote...
    This whole NBA/STERN scam is a joke. Please lay it to rest already.
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  • wsshirling wrote...
    message to Chris Hansen
    Chris... You brought a great plan and more money to the table and David Stern screwed you over. I applaud you for your efforts and if the team came to town, a lot of people would be happy but after watching what the league did, it's time to pack it in. Don't let Lucy pull the football away again. Let them come to you next time. Let them put some skin in the game. Take the leverage back which you gave them by offering to overpay for the Kings. Don't go to the car lot and tell the sales guy you have to have that car.
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  • bluebyu64gp wrote...
    Another Message to Chris Hansen
    The heck with the NBA already...the Sonics are gone forever. Do us all a favor and buy the Mariners and get rid of their owners and top brass and make a baseball team that will compete for the world series not just for butt's in seats.
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