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Mariners call up top prospect Mike Zunino
Thin at catcher and in need of some offensive help, the Mariners have called up last year's first-round pick, Mike Zunino.
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  • JackyZ wrote...
    Trying to save my job!
    I hope he hits, Mike Zunino that is, this economy isn't so good for out of work GMs.
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  • bnells8 wrote...
    Im calling it...
    Zunino goes yard first at bat
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  • skier_04 wrote...
    And then...
    bats around .200 just like every other player on this crappy AAA, oops, MLB team. Hopefully headed for 100+ losses and 0 fan attendance by the end of the year so Wedge,Jack,Howard and the rest of the owners are free to go.
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  • FYM wrote...
    You know your right... This doesn't have anything to do with Sucre getting hurt. You're trying to save your job... Have your OWN opinion already. Stop regurgitating garbage and have your own opinion. Didn't realize Jack Z loved Dave Cameron's blog....
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  • Prich wrote...
    Calm down Geoff
    There is no justifiable reason for this move, none. Argument 1: He's ready. Response: No, he isn't. Look at the AAA #s. Argument 2: Bantz isn't cutting it at backup. Response: If you need a backup for two weeks, get one off the scrap heap. Don't waste an option year of Zunino and have to make extra 40-man moves for a backup. Argument 3: It won't do much damage. Response: Maybe not, but the bad far, FAR outweighs the good, and is also exponentially far more likely.
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  • JackyZ wrote...
    Slow Down
    It was my opinion. Rushing players to the show without all the tools they need helps whom?
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  • WShadow206 wrote...
    Go M's!!!
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  • The Live Chicken wrote...
    Too soon
    I think this is too soon, but regardless, the kid is up now and I hope he can perform to expectations. Don't be the least bit surprised if he struggles mightily out of the gate. It's not like he was lighting up the stat sheet in AAA, and the pitchers in the majors are a bit more adept at exploiting a hitter's weakness, breaking pitches in Zunino's case.
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  • Largent803 wrote...
    I am Against this move
    I understand that defensively he is ready to go. However, in AAA he is only hitting in the .230's he needs to show that he can hit in AAA at least .280 this way when he comes up here and finds out how much better the pitching he will be ready.
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  • bigguitarman wrote...
    I don't understand this move
    I hope it pays off, but seems like kind of a headscratcher. Why bring him up so early? Rushing Zunino before he's ready seems dangerous.
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  • sig49 wrote...
    Zunino call up
    It's time to rearrange the deck chairs on the S.S. Titanic.
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  • Pilate wrote...
    No kidding, this is desperation pure and simple. I guess that three run outburst last night against the Astros (even with them spotting us 3 errors) didn't convince management to stick with the plan. Gee, hitting .262 in his last 10 games. Although, if after he gets to the "big" club you knock 40 points off that, he'd still be right in there with Bay and Ryan, a regular powerhouse on this team.

    Maybe instead of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch, they could play "Nearer, My God, to Thee."

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  • EricYang wrote...
    Say it Ain't True!
    Why call up Mike? Way too early. Do they want to make the same mistake? Even bryce harper came later, and he's struggling now
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  • Ed Altizer wrote...
    An excellent post and I totally agree. Zunino is the hope for the future but this call up can only hurt him. I sure hope I'm wrong and he can hit curves, sliders, cutters, change ups like he can fastballs. But the reality is that he is not ready for the bigs. Very bad move Jack Z. and Wedge.
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