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Blowers on Baseball: Zunino gets first MLB start tonight
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  • Pilate wrote...
    Why Not?
    My kid's only 14, and he's going to drive someday. Why not today? I know he's not ready, he'll get in a couple of accidents, maybe loose some teeth, but what the heck? There's nobody in the house that can drive him to school, and we got a clunker hanging around that's such a piece of garbage that it doesn't matter if he wrecks it some more. So what if he won't drive again 'til he's 21 after an accident and a couple of tickets?

    Plus I heard Wedge, in a sheepish voice on 710 today, claim Zunino is a complete player. I've never heard him so unconvincing. One year out of college and he's the second coming of Johnny Bench? More like the last hope this year for Armstrong & Lincoln to draw some suckers to Safeco.

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