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No more big bags allowed at Seahawks games
Seattle's 12th man will have to travel lighter when going to CenturyLink Field to watch the Seahawks this year.
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  • SeattleNative wrote...
    We all know what this is really about
    $$$ concession sales $$$
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  • Saltchucker wrote...
    That size bag isn't big enough for most 'packable' rain jackets.
    Our fickle weather is going to make hash of this new rule pretty quickly. One clear gallon bag and 4 clothing items slung over your shoulder?
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  • Papoon wrote...
    The terrorists have won.
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  • Hectic wrote...
    Obviously they are trying to stop people from bringing in food, so why don't they just ban outside food instead of making this out to be a security issue? It's not like people are bring in bags of explosives or stashes of weapons. Or if they are, we sure haven't heard about it. And I wonder what they will do about diaper bags? Families with kids need a lot more than 12" x 6"
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  • DJFavorite wrote...
    I see a backlash coming
    So, I'm sorry, but most clutch bags don't have enough room for a cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, and other essentials. And no seat cushions?? And I'm sure there's more than one family that has gone to an NFL game that has a kid in diapers, but this would mean no diaper bag allowed. And these are just a couple examples of how people will get up in arms over this.
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  • KZMike wrote...
    12th Man. . .
    . . . need to 'bash' some common sense into these idiots claiming security issues on this topic. The no diaper bag thing is. . . is . . . there is not anyway to say how dumb this is. AND WHY only one clear bag. . . as long as the contents can easily be verified what is wrong with a larger clear bag [diaper] Can you imagine enforcing this sort of thing at the Boston Marathon next year?
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