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Mayor Mike McGinn says Seattle, NHL have talked
The NBA may not be returning to Seattle any time soon, but the possibility of of the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes relocating to the Emerald City is picking up steam.
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  • MACTEP wrote...
    I can not wait.
    I don't care about the basketball at all, but I'm big hockey fan and I am all on an NHL team here.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Can't afford it. Mayor!
    What is this Mayor doing pandering to the public for a hockey team money. This country is broke stop spending money on Billionaires they have enough money. If Billionaires want a hockey team then let them buy it themselfs. With out the goverment handouts they have been to the water hole way to many times. This country being sold behinde the backs of its citizens. Selling large chunks of this country (the united states) to China and the French to pay down its debt when you find out and you will be mad. Yellowstone park sold to china. Grand Canyon U.N owns it. Your Country is being sold out from under your feet. Now you know why they are after your guns. Once you find out that this country has been sold off to the highest bider. Your goverment is an empire to take from you. They are getting rid of your Constitutional rights by selling this country from under your feet.
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  • Sean wrote...
    Another big vote for the NHL
    ...over the NBA here in Seattle, and I don't know squat about hockey. But I can still taste the NBA in my mouth and it ain't good. Bring on the NHL! NBA, you had your chance to get in to a GREAT market and you totally effed it up.
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  • darrengrama wrote...
    i want the nhl more than the nba
    But seriously, wake me when its final and the ink has dried. I can't stomach another back and forth political and financial debate. Sorry, its not worth it and too soon. Go Hawks!!!
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  • wsshirling wrote...
    One more thought...
    The team in Phoenix has so many problems that the league had to take ownership of it 4 years ago and can't land a lease... yet they are worried about Seattle being a "viable market?" The greed of these pro sports teams has no limits.
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