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NHL closer to Seattle? Deal to keep Coyotes in Phoenix hits 'potential snag'
It's reportedly "D-Day" in Phoenix for efforts to keep the NHL's Coyotes from leaving town. And speculation grows the team could soon be relocating to Seattle.
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  • cheezbawl1 wrote...
    If nhl is 2nd prize I sure take it. the nba is full of freaks and stern who wants that dick head back in town.
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  • Rick W7PSK wrote...
    Heard this before
    Owners using Seattle to up the deal in the town they are in. Just say no.
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  • messiah101 wrote...
    After reading about the deal offered to keep the team in Phoenix
    It sounds as if they are giving the team away to the Canadian Investment group. They are allowing them to get the team for only $40 million out of pocket at this time.Sweet Deal yet the group also wants about $16 million a year to run the arena.
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