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Mariners recall Gutierrez; Morse hits DL
Franklin Gutierrez will return from injury Saturday night, but Michael Morse will be out of action for the Mariners.
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  • jsean wrote...
    raul needs a rest from full time duty! here's hoping Guti stays healthy for the season!!
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  • gsizemore wrote...
    will be traded or DFA'd
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  • Pilate wrote...
    If he can't stay healthy for the rest of the year, I'd have to think the team will buy out his contract for 2014 ($500,000), as opposed to the team option of $7.5M. Even if he does stay healthy they might go with the buyout and negotiate with him as a free agent. With his track history, I doubt he would get fabulous offers outside of Seattle, and since the M's have paid him $19M for the 2010-2013 seasons (that's $63,000 per game at this point) to put up a .242 BA and an 84 OPS+ in that time, maybe he'd like to discuss a hometown discount as he turns 31.

    On field, I hope he can play out the year. We can sure use him.

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  • clevesside wrote...
    Nows the time for Mike Saunders.... head to AAA and find his power back. Too iffy at MLB, esp. if platooning with Guti. Worked for Ackley, same for Mike S.
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  • Truhawk wrote...
    What's the over/under.....
    on how many games Guti plays before he gets hurt again? About 30? 45?
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