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Safeco Field prepped for post-game fireworks show
A crew helped wire the roof track of Safeco Field for a fireworks show to take place after Friday's Seattle Mariners game.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Man sharky you bet me to the punch.
    I wrote a letter to the Attorney General that I feel since safeco field is public place. A place not for bias flags. Should be sued off this planet. The visual along is too awfull to mention. Thanks Mariners for the Visual. I would like others to complain to the attorney general under consumer protection. that are rights Right as consumers has been violated just simple Letter to the the Attorney and complain about being consumer and having tainted with Gay Flags by the Mariners in general. I'm fed up with this Bias B/S.
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  • chbeba wrote...
    rainbow flag
    Newton...really? The visual of a piece of cloth with 6 colors on it is too awful to mention? You are one sick s.o.b.
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  • Newton wrote...
    I'm not agianst gay's.
    I just don't need a flag waved in my face about it. I feel the Mariners have lost fans because of this. Safeco field was built on family values. Anything goes family values.?
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  • BlatantChipmonk wrote...
    Mariner's have lost fans...
    ...because they suck balls. THAT is why they are flying the flag! ha! In all seriousness, the Mariners are a private organization who "lease" Safeco. They have the right to support whatever cause they want. As a rental property owner, I don't tell my tennants what to do with the space they rent; I would lose their business. Mariners lose fans for not putting a premium product on the field. Flying a rainbow flag shows their support of a city and its people, all of its people.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Well your rental is a private venue.
    Safeco Feild is a Public venue for everybody. Rules are made to keep all people safe. One don't light a fire anywhere. Or don't bring in your rainbow flag either. Understand People!.
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