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Cameron: Perez is Mariners' most valuable trade chip
If the Mariners are going to make a move before the trade deadline, Oliver Perez should be at the center of it, Dave Cameron of FanGraphs and U.S.S Mariner told "Seattle Sports at Night".
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  • craiglambert50 wrote...
    Great Article
    I think the Mariners priorities should be to trade their players who will likely be free agent signings with another team and trade them for prospects and boost their already strong farm system, so they can be even better in the future.
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  • shane5150 wrote...
    Oliver Perez is Mariners greatest trade chip
    Repeat: Oliver Perez is Mariners greatest trade chip
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  • Kimby wrote...
    TRADE ? Are you really serious?
    I don't know who comes up with these suggestions, but this is a sign of desperation again. Pitching wins ball games. This guy has proven that he can come into a game and give the mariners a quality outing. He can also be a substitute closer if need be. Someone you can had the ball to with confidence. If I'm a GM, This guy stays put. If he is a free agent at the end of the season, then I had better get busy negotiating. DEFINITLY A KEEPER.
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