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Coyotes to stay in Arizona; Seattle NHL hopes dashed
The hopes for a National Hockey League team moving to Seattle were dashed late Tuesday evening, as the Glendale, Ariz. City Council voted 4-3 to approve an agreement that will keep the Phoenix Coyotes in Arizona.
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  • It's me! Ha ha! wrote...
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  • Orange Boxster wrote...
    What a Surprise! Not!
    Yet another kick in the arse for Seattle Sports fans.
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  • darthclown wrote...
    Now we got No NBA and No NHL
    can we scrap the plan to waste money on a stadium now?
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  • Gantiz wrote...
    It sucks, but I knew this one was coming. Expansion is the only way to get a team. @DarthClown... you do realize that all of the money to build the new Sonics Arena is private... so there is no "we" here.
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  • Cbrew wrote...
    This is why Nobody got excited about it
    This was pushed more by the media than anything else... Media wanted to get something similar to how the Kings thing turned out, tens of thousands of people following along etc. Boosts their ratings... everybody recognized that the Coyotes thing was just the NHL using Seattle to force Glendale AZ to make the changes to keep their team sooner rather than later... We are now the go to city to scare cities into building new arenas.
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  • fisher wrote...
    Milwaukee Bucks moving to Seattle unless the Wisconsin taxpayers build a new arena.
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    At least they didn't F with us for months like Stern and the NBA.
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  • NRFully83 wrote...
    We Get Used
    I'm tired of having high hopes and getting crushed. I'm tired of Seattle getting used as a threat to another team to build a new arena or else. It's either the ownership wants to move here and the league doesn't (the NBA) or the league wants to (NHL) but the ownership doesn't. We have horrible luck and timing. We are a better market than Sacramento and Phoenix. UGHHHHHH! this sucks. this sucks. THIS SUCKS!
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  • Finn wrote...
    Look how far Seattle has come
    20 years ago our teams were the ones being threatened to move away if we didn't build a new stadium.
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  • bigbertha wrote...
    i guess it was always the second option. to the team being voted out i guess.
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  • WShadow206 wrote...
    R City get teased more than any OTHER
    WOW!!!! CANT EVEN GET HOCKEY!!!! This is not the way you treat people danglin n Ish an then bein a Hoe about it.
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